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Aquino welcomes renewed commitment of Convergys to invest in the Philippines

NEW YORK CITY (PNA via PLDT) –- President Benigno S. Aquino III welcomed a top US business process outsourcing company’s decision to renew its pledge to partner with government in its advocacy to alleviate poverty, provide more jobs and spur economic growth through its commitment to invest in the Philippines.

Jeffrey Fox, president and CEO of Convergys Corporation told the President of his company’s recommitment plans during a courtesy call the executive made to the Chief Executive at the Guggenheim Room of the Omni Berkshires Hotel here Monday.

He said Convergys was cognizant of the opportunity for growth any one would have when investing in the Philippines and that the company was taking definite steps to ensure that the partnership between the two remains strong.

“I met with President Aquino to re-emphasize the partnership and growth opportunities that Convergys and the country of the Philippines have together and to confirm our long-term commitment to invest in the Philippines,” Fox said.

Fox added that he took the time to personally thank the President for all the help he has done in making the BPO industry in the country flourish.

“We appreciate everything that the government does to make sure that we’re good partners,” Fox said.

Fox said the President likewise recommitted he and his government’s support for the industry.

“The President has a history of being engaged and very supportive of not only our industry but I think all industries that can bring quality jobs to the Philippines,” Fox said.