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PCAM convention under way tomorrow

Manila, Philippines – The Philippine College of Addiction Medicine (PCAM) will hold its seventh annual convention and election of officials at the Bethel Guest House in Dumaguete City from September 28-30 with the theme “Integrated and Multi-sectoral Approach to Addiction.”

PCAM president Dr. Antonio M. Gauzon, a noted psychiatrist and addictionist, said Dr. Bernardo L. Conde is the convention chairman while Dr. Clara Hidalgo-Fuderanan is the national convention manager.

Gauzon said among the topics and speakers are “Designer Drugs/Commonly Abused Drugs and Their Effects” by Dr. Vicente Rosales Jr.; “Intensive Therapy of Psychotic Drug Abusers” by Dr. Gabino Rañoa Jr. with Dr. Angelo Jesus Vicente V. Arias as reactor; “How to (not to) Deal with Cyber-Addiction” by Maria Jocelyn Gauzon-Gayares; “Random Drug Testing: A Boon or a Bane?” by Dr. Ponciano Jerez Jr.; “Strengths and Weaknesses of R.A. 9165” by Gauzon; and “Addiction and the Law: Should a Drug Addict be Considered a Victim or a Criminal?” by Dr. Vicente Cabuquit with Atty. Cesar Posada and Judge Rafael Cresencio Tan Jr. as reactor.

Additional information on the gathering may be obtained from PCAM corporate secretary Dr. Clara Fuderanan (09209105062) or Dr. Rosendo Sualog (09173825651).