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2 brothers join lotto millionaires


Manila, Philippines – “Brod, we hit the lotto jackpot. We are millionaires now!”

Thus a 48-year-old Armed Forces sergeant happily texted in Pilipino his younger brother Sunday, in the process unraveling a pleasant turn of events connected with the 639th draw of Super Lotto 6/49, but neither of them had any inkling.

Aside from the brothers, a lotto punter of Boac, Marinduque, also hit the same draw of 6/49 with the winning numbers of 05-25-08-21-17-06. He has yet to come forward.

PCSO General Manager Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II said Tuesday the two brothers and the Boac bettor will share the R94,897,000.80 at stake in the Oct. 9 draw of 6/49, each one getting P31,632,333.60.

It is the first time two brothers hit the same jackpot of a lotto game of the PCSO. It is unprecedented,” the PCSO official said.