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Gov’t savants press fish conservation

Manila, Philippines – Scientists working for the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI) have called for studies on the management of pelagic fish species, noting the dwindling catch and the inability of government to reduce illegal fishing activities substantially.

NFRDI officials stressed that while they welcome studies that showed the presence of nine different sardine species in Philippine waters and the kinship of freshwater Sardinella tawilis with sardine species along the coast of Taiwan, “the point still is that applied research is a must, and something must be undertaken on how to manage tawilis in Taal Lake and the other species in marine waters.”

Rodrigo Paz, general manager of the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA), agreed that such studies must be undertaken since capture fisheries is actually on the downtrend and the concern of fisheries authorities worldwide is how to allow pelagic and deep sea species to expand their populations. (Marvyn N. Benaning)