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Ipilipinas.com launched

Manila, Philippines – Canadian Information Technology (IT) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jonathan Sowah, in partnership with veteran journalist Cynthia Sycip, has launched ipilipinas.com, a place in cyberspace where migrant Filipinos can discuss their views, know the latest news, and hang out with their families and friends.

“Ipilipinas.com is different because it is suited for the migrant Filipino cyber audience,” Sowah said.

Its features include an easier type of application than Twitter, discussion boards, photo galleries, and chat.

“Bloggers, photographers, and news netizens will find the site to their linkage because anyone can come up with their own account free and start a post on their favorite topics, from music to recipes to the latest news in the city,” Sowah said.

Sowah, also chief of Astracom, said ipilipinas.com is an innovation that is one of a kind in cyberspace.

Sycip, ipilipinas.com media director, urged journalists, artists, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), and their families to register and get a free account.

“Ipilipinas.com is where one can experience their individuality. That is where I hang out and express my opinions about things that are happening around me. Everyone can join,” Sycip said.

  • Margarita_cendana

    IPilipinas is better than Pinoy Kubo. They kicked me out from Pinoy Kubo but I see IPilipinas is so much classier

    • Jonathan Sowah

      Margarita, please accept my personal apology and also that of the community management of PinoyKubo for the way that you were handled. There were some excesses in the past and I would like to express this public apology for how this was handled. I hope we get to make it up to you somehow and thank you for checking out iPilipinas.