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All-day, all-nighter Globe 4G Superstick

Globe 4G Superstick

A Globe 4G Superstick device can be a true life saver in certain situations. Losing electricity is unpredictable in this rainy season. And if the lights go out, in crucial times for work or studies, a mobile Wi-Fi device is just the right solution.

The Superstick is thin, light, and fits in your pocket with ease, and has four LED light indicators that let you know basic operations, such as Wi-Fi signal and battery life. It can be pried open from the side, to reveal the battery and the SIM card slot beneath it. It uses a regular Tattoo SIM card.

The Globe 4G Superstick is a big leap from the old “sticks” we’ve used in recent years. It is not as slow as standard dial-up devices from years before. You’ll be able to finish every work that needs to be completed in no time at all, that is, if you have one. Regardless of the speed inconsistencies, streaming of music and movies was smooth and fluid with little to none interruptions.

The 4G Superstick device is quite easy to install, just plug it into your PC or laptop. Then open your browser and type in the web address, That should send you straight to the Mobile Wi-Fi homepage where you greeted with five categories.

Home, lets you know what type of connection you are using, along with other data like the SIM card’s number, number of current users connected to the Superstick. Statistics, simply show data usage. SMS, lets you send text messages even from a desktop or laptop, depending on what device you’re using. This is where you can access the usual Globe unlisurf for unlimited Internet access for a certain number of days. The Updates category only informs about whatever is new, and Settings is where you reconfigure your entire system for your own benefit. This is where you can change passwords, put up firewalls, establish WEP security, and several other things.

A pop-up screen should appear when clicking on any of the categories, asking for username and password. For first time users, it’s both admin. They can be changed later in the Settings category. It is recommended for immediate setup of WEP security, so neighbors wouldn’t be able to gain access to it.

The Superstick works as a hotspot for up to eight mobile devices. We tried filling all those eight spots up, and we started experiencing some slowdowns. But retained the right amount of speed to keep everyone entertained.

For a tiny device its range is pretty powerful. We weren’t able to test its full capacity, but trust us, we left the Superstick in one room, while everyone else connected to it left and roamed around for a bit, and the connection remained strong and intact. A 4G provides mobile ultra-broadband, which is designed for wireless connections, such as laptops, smartphones, and other devices.