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Globe Business and Sutherland renew ties

Globe and Sutherland forge stronger ties

Business process outsourcing giant Sutherland Global Services recently renewed its collaboration with Globe Business, making the corporate and ICT arm of Globe as its primary Philippine provider for both wired and wireless connectivity services as well as co-location on the telecommunications company’s world-class and state-of-the-art MK2 data center.

Company officials from the US-based BPO confirmed that Globe Business has become its current primary circuit, effectively re-establishing ties forged between two industry prime movers. It has been a partnership built around mutual business confidence and technological reliability since the BPO’s first day of Philippine operations in 2005.

Sutherland’s Associate Vice President for Technology Michael Quiambao said that the importance of seamless connectivity to the BPO and its business cannot be overemphasized. “As far as our clients’ business metrics are concerned, we are bound to honor our commitments with them. Thanks to Globe Business, we strengthen our clients’ faith in us, and in so doing, we boost our credibility with them. We have entrusted our connectivity requirements to Globe Business as the major provider of internet services where most of our applications are routed.”

This service was put to the test during the onslaught of Typhoon Pablo in 2011. Quiambao recounted that Sutherland’s Davao site was able to literally weather the storm as it suffered no disruptions in operations, thanks to the resiliency of the Globe network in the area for having withstood the elements, providing redundancy and seamless connectivity between the provincial site and its local headquarters in Makati City.

“If challenges were present, Globe Business faced them head on from its technical personnel, account managers and even their top executives, making sure they are always available to provide assistance and ensuring that we constantly achieve our internal metrics. They responded well – and fast – so we are able to fulfill our timelines and deadlines,” added Quiambao.

Above and beyond the current service, Sutherland’s Country Manager AJ Enriquez emphasized that Globe Business always finds a way to establish connectivity whenever they inaugurate a new site or branch. “This gives us the assurance that we can grow and expand to new locations quickly because we have a reliable IT partner in Globe Business that has proven to us that they also have a stake in our business.