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Going Techie


by Eugene Y. Santos

Age is not a hindrance when it comes to technology, and this especially rings true for the elderly. In the past few years, mainstream media has highlighted that being a senior citizen is no excuse not to be updated with the latest developments in the techie world (remember the commercials of Lola Techie?).

In relation, smartphones and tablets are made more accessible to various consumers, and they are usually easy to use at any age. To complement technology’s wide market, savvy developers have even developed apps that are friendly for the older generation, making it possible for them to connect more with the younger ones.

Here at Tech Lifestyle, we round up some apps that may be useful for older people (and they are pretty easy to use, at that).

Instagram- It’s not just for today’s youngsters who are into selfies, take note. It seems that Instagram is being used for a lot of reasons, including business and building connections with other people. Some elderly people use this app, too. Instagram makes it possible for them to share photos with other people, whether it’s for leisure or official matters.

Facebook Mobile- Almost everyone has a Facebook account. Thus, this app comes useful at any age. Elderly people can use this to stay updated with their friends’ activities anytime, anywhere. They can also play games in Facebook, which can help stimulate their mind.

Skype- This is also another way to connect with your family and friends globally—for free. Skype is very easy to use, that even senior citizens can call this a handy application. What’s nice about Skype is that it has a video-call component, so elderly people can see their loved ones while talking with them.

iMutt- Dogs are often adorable companions, but it can be a challenge to maintain them in real life, especially for senior citizens. Here comes iMutt, the app that allows them to have a virtual pet dog that they can feed, walk, and even play with. This is one “dog” that you can take anywhere—even on places that don’t allow live animals in their vicinity.

Twitter- Just like Facebook, Twitter is one of the most famous social media these days. Here, you can follow celebrities, get news updates in a jiffy (even everyday quotes), share photos, and even get in touch with your family and friends. What’s nice is that you can sync it with your Facebook and Instagram accounts. For the elderly, this is one of the best ways to keep in touch with youngsters on-the-go.

Viber- This family-friendly app knows no boundaries. Instead of paying additional phone credits, all you need is an internet connection to call your loved ones. Seniors can use this app to call family and friends practically anywhere in the world as long as their contacts have Viber accounts too. Just perfect when they’re feeling lonely or are just in the mood for some good conversation.

Google Translate- One of the benefits of being retired is being able to travel anywhere around the world anytime. For senior jetsetters, this can be a good app when it comes to translating one language to English—very apt for getting bargains, asking for directions, and a whole lot more.

Dragon Dictation- Perhaps this is one of the most innovative apps to date. This voice-recognition app has been cited by various websites by letting the elderly send texts, update their Twitter or Facebook accounts, among others, through voice commands. Research shows that this is five times faster than typing on a keyboard.

Remember the Milk- Forgetfulness often comes with age, and senior citizens are more prone to mild memory lapses when it comes to everyday tasks. This app allows them to remember their errands, organize and keep track of their daily routine — just like a personal organizer.

Words with Friends- This Scrabble-like app lets the elderly have some healthy competition with family and friends. As studies show, constant mind stimulation lessens the risk for degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This can also be a good way for senior citizens to polish up their vocabulary.