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IMI integrates growing international operations with SAP

IMI Staff

SAP has announced that Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI), a Philippines-based manufacturing services company, has chosen to upgrade from SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Version 4.7 to SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) Version 6.0 software upgrade to support their growing international operations.

Established in 1980, IMI is a global provider of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and power semiconductor assembly and test services. Consistently ranked by trade organisations as among the top 30 EMS providers in the world, IMI owns manufacturing facilities and engineering and design centres in Asia, North America and Eastern Europe.

IMI has been running SAP ERP for their Philippines, Singapore, China and U.S. operations since 2004. With the expansion of their operations into Mexico, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, IMI’s need for real-time and accurate information to make timely, well-informed decisions has become increasingly vital.

With that in mind, the company has opted to upgrade their existing SAP ERP landscape to SAP ECC 6.0. The enhanced capabilities of SAP ECC 6.0 in planning, forecasting, performance management, accounting and reporting compliance will serve as valuable tools to improve internal control and streamline the supply chain across IMI’s international facilities.

“A key advantage for us is that once we integrate our European and Mexican operations into the SAP ERP landscape, we will have one consolidated view of the business, allowing us access to clearer – and actionable – insights into market trends, opportunities and risks,” said Jerome Tan, Chief Finance Officer, IMI. “This will strengthen IMI’s ability to continuously deliver high quality solutions to our clients and position us for greater, global growth.”

“Typically, improving business agility and driving innovation becomes more challenging as the company grows. However, the right IT infrastructure can make all the difference,” said Darren Rushworth, Managing Director, SAP Philippines and Emerging Markets. “With a single, integrated solution that streamlines processes and optimises operations, IMI will be better positioned to scale and adapt to meet their evolving business needs, and run their entire worldwide business better.”

The implementation of SAP ECC 6.0 at IMI will be carried out by SAP partner Fujitsu Enterprise Solutions, and roll-out is targeted for the first quarter of 2014.