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Oldie but Goodie


by Jonathan Kevin Castillo

When it comes to technology, several times a year we get something new. Or rather, we get updated versions of something that was already created. Television, computers, phones, and books, among others including games, board games, video games, and some good ol’ pen and pencil games. Nostalgia and curiosity drives us to take a look back and enjoy these retro wonders. Unfortunately, some of them are already lost, either too rare or simply forgotten. Modern technology has helped us bridge those gaps into a full circle through smartphones, tablets, latest video game consoles, and accessories. We’ve gathered some of the most beloved games from long ago that were revived simply for our enjoyment.

Crossword puzzles were so popular back then. It provided mind-expanding vocabularies and trivia. Soon they crept their way into booklets and now into our smartphones and tablets as well.

Back in the day, chess players carried chessboards and brought them to parks or schools to play with other people. It is the ultimate pass time for everyone. Nowadays, just download a chess game app on your smartphone or tablet, and you’re good to go with less consumed space.

You’ve sunk my battleship! Is what we often hear in movies, and like chessboards, people carried Battleship sets around to play with others. Back then, people had to be careful in not losing the pegs and the ships. Available now on mobile platforms, people don’t need to worry losing those pieces anymore.

Arcade set for iPad
Back in the ‘80s, arcade machines were everywhere. It is like slot machines in Las Vegas. At present, these are the computer shops and DOTA or some other popular game. For the youth, this meant skipping classes or going to the shop every other breaks or after classes. Technology has found a way to blend both experiences into one through the iPad. Apple’s flagship has a lot of great game apps in there that can be experienced through this arcade set. The joystick and the buttons feel exactly the same as that of an actual arcade machine and that what makes everything a sweeter experience.

Snakes & Ladders
One of those board games where family or friends sit and gather around, throwing the dice, moving pieces, laughter and frustrations before and after each move. Now, simple board games like these can be taken anywhere. It can even be enjoyed with someone across the country via Internet connection. But this isn’t the only game on mobile platforms, there are others like Monopoly.

Dots And Boxes
While Crossword puzzles was usually meant for single players. Dots and Boxes is a simple game where several dots are aligned on a paper and players take turns drawing a line. It was a fun and simple activity where two players try to outwit each other.

Rubik’s Cube
Erno Rubik was a genius when he developed his initially called “Magic Cube”. It won an award for best puzzle game, and continued to busy people during the ‘80s. A few years ago, the cube boomed all over the country, reaching to the point where people checked the Internet how to solve the puzzle. Now, the puzzle has gone mobile. This writer however, thinks having the actual cube itself does more wonders than being kept inside a tablet or phone.

It was one of the best games back then and now, and being mobile makes things even better.

Magic The Gathering
Before most trading card games out there, Magic The Gathering is the most popular of its genre. People gathered in large communities to play, trade, and socialize. In some parts of the world, there are even professional competitions with prizes that would tear your eyes off in disbelief. There were auctions too for certain cards that would make you wish you’ve collected them in your youth. Not so long ago, it spawned a PC game with a very simple interface. Console games such as Playstation has this too in their network, and recently, in the iOS. Android version is rumored coming soon.

Playstation Store
The PS Store offers services to play some of the classic games from the first Playstation to its successor. Some argued that playing old games in devices like the PS3 is an insult to the machine. Others believe otherwise, it gives a chance for younger players to experience the games they had missed that were actually better than most games today.

Game Emulators
Some of the recent video games coming out were remakes of the old classics. But for others, nothing beats the original release. Emulators can provide those, and allow you to choose which platform the game on.