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Touch your moves

Polaroid Executive 13.3

Polaroid Launches 13” Tablet
by Jonathan Kevin Castillo

Polaroid is on a roll, constantly evolving while pushing the boundaries for better mobile device experience. And as its new offering, Polaroid has stretched things to a total of 13.3 inches, and called it the Polaroid Executive.

It seemed only yesterday that the smallest mobile devices were the prevailing norm. Nowadays though, consumer desires are shifting from cute and handy to bigger and more functional devices. To that end, Polaroid gets first dibs on breakthrough by releasing the first ever 13-inch tablet to the Philippine market.

The Executive 13.3 is designed for the tech-savvy crowd who values a superior-quality, high-performing tablet PC and a dynamic touchscreen experience without the hefty price tag. The 13.3-inch IPS panel boasts stunning full HD visuals and a highly responsive multi-touch screen that’s perfect for action-packed gaming. The mammoth dual core 1.6 GHz processor compliments these visual-touch capabilities extremely well, allowing for quick processing and response time – even when multitasking several functions at a time.

Businesses will also find this tablet device a suitable in-store companion. Boost your promotional activities and attract a wider clientele by featuring your business’ marketing video ads in the workplace. Fast and efficient, the Executive 13.3. promises smooth and lag-free video streaming.

Despite its massive built and premium metal finish, the Executive 13.3 takes on a surprisingly thin and lightweight profile. Weighing only 1,260 grams (10-inch tablets average at 600 to a whopping 1,000 grams), it is slim and convenient enough for transport anywhere.

Equipped with Android 4.1 Jellybean, users gets access to nearly 700,000 applications from various app market – from Amazon to Google Play. The Executive 13.3 boasts an 8GB internal storage plus up to 32 GB of upgradeable memory via micro SD card, so users need not worry about app, movie, photo or MP3 size limits.

A Polaroid device won’t be one without its signature photo quality. The dual cameras both deliver crisp and brilliant photos with little to no noise – the true trademark of a Polaroid device. It also comes with Polaroid’s innovative patented photo-tweaking, one-click-sharing application, Polamatic, which offers 36 custom frames and 36 photo effects plus labeling texts to spice up one’s photo sharing experience.

Don’t be intimidated by the impressive features though; the Executive 13.3 showcases utmost user-friendliness and ease-of-use. A simple tap, swipe or pinch brings you to a world of infinite digital possibilities. Standard features include a USB port for quick Web browsing and easy file transfers using a dongle stick; an HDMI port lets you hook up to larger screens for better viewing pleasure.

With its exceptional features and performance, this 13.3 tablet truly lives up to being the first of its kind in the industry.