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Handy, Dandy… Stress-Free!


by Mikee O. Falcis and Princess Joy Pidlaoan

With all the stress we encounter almost every day, does it pop out of your mind to relax even just for a while? No way do we need saunas or massage parlors or even a big space to do some meditation to soothe our mind. Mobile applications can now give us relaxation without thinking much of the pennies and bucks. All these included in the list aren’t intended to treat any emotional or physical conditions but merely for relaxation purposes.

Pocket Pond 2
Shifting your attention to other things can also help reduce stress. Pocket Pond, lets you manage a virtual Koi pond. Like the then famous Tamagochi, the task is to look after the fishes well. Lilypads and fishes can be named (breeding can be done, too!). At the end of the day, this app can let you temporarily forget constant worries. iOS and Android users can download it from their respective app markets.

Pocket Yoga
Definitely a yoga instructor is of no need when you download the Pocket Yoga app. You can shake off your stress with its detailed audio-visual instructions guiding your pose and breathing. It has a total of 27 sessions with an ongoing log to track progress and consistency. Developed by practiced yoga instructors. This app is universally available on three app markets.

Stress Tracker
Before dwelling into your stress, try to find out what causes it. Track your problems by listing it through their virtual diary. You can also get help tips from the online community of AboveStress.com. An account from the said website will automatically be created after installing. The website will use the same username and password you used on the app. Downloadable on App Store.

Stress Check
It is a tool to quantify level of psychological and/or physical stress. By just measuring your heart rate through your phone’s camera and light features, Stress Check can deliver your stress level in real time keeping in mind the heart rate variability (HRV) factor. If the stress level is consistently high, Azumio (the app’s creator) recommends Stress Doctor, a “biofeedback” app that uses deep breathing techniques for stress reduction. This app is available both on iTunes and Google Play.

Simply Being
Recommended by YOGA journal, Simply Being is a voice-guided meditation app tailor-made for relaxation. Users can choose from 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes of meditation length. The app can be used with or without music during meditation. Note that an internet connection is required for audio streaming. Available in App Store, Blackberry World and Play Store.

White Noise
Noise aren’t always a nuisance; sometimes it can even get you to sleep better! Like Nature Space, White Noise is a collection of sounds created by nature. You can create timed playlists. For further customization, the app helps you create new sounds by mixing multiple noises added in the library. It has a full-screen digital clock with several colors and brightness adjustments. It can also help in waking you up by its advanced alarm and timer system that slowly fades audio—making you rise to bed in a natural way. Available in iOS, Blackberry and Android.

Total Relaxation HD
The creator of this app, Tap Media Publishing has created a revolutionary “pocket hypnotherapy” that can be used instantly wherever you are. A qualified clinical hypnotherapist did HQ recordings. It also has a “binaural beat” technology which can help enter deeper state of relaxation. Fifty e-book tips and a bonus relax machine, as what it is called are included in the list of its features. iOS and Blackberry users can enjoy this app.

Getting close to nature doesn’t mean we should stroll in the park or have a garden in your own backyard. Nature space gives you a space with nature through your smartphone. The app is an online library of various recorded sounds produced by nature. Other tracks can also be downloaded and like the usual music-players, Nature space allows creating and saving playlist of your much liked sounds. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Breathing exercise can decrease the body’s response to stress, according to studies. With the aid of this portable stress management tool, anybody can learn a skill called “diaphragmatic breathing” which claims to have helped manage stress. Included in the app is an initial setup guide for user’s assistance to customize it according to their want. The app is created by National Center for TeleHealth and Technology and is available in Android, iOS and Blackberry.