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Safe and efficient online shopping


Because of the risks involved, here are tips best to consider before making purchases online.

1. Avoid suspicious sites — We can’t always say that all websites you search through the internet is legitimate. If you think a certain site isn’t that realistic, well, you should trust your instincts and look for a real one.

2. Don’t use Public Wi-Fi Connection — Don’t ever use public Wi-Fi connection when purchasing online. Hackers can capture your personal information through Wi-Fi connection at public hotspots like coffee shops, airports and hotels. It is recommended to shop at home where WiFi is solely your own.

3. Check pricing meticulously — Make sure to double check the prices of a specific item and remain cautious if the value is accurate to the item that you’re purchasing. Also consider those items with shipping and handling fees.

4. Read the privacy policy — If a certain site doesn’t have any privacy policy posted, then perhaps it is that time to think twice. If it does have, read it carefully and understand the whole process of transaction (like return, refund, shipping, handling procedures as well as the legal terms).

5. Pay your items using your credit card — One of the safest way to pay for your order over the internet is to use your credit card. But if you are fond of shopping online, don’t forget to check your credit-card bill. Make sure to review it regularly so that you could check right away if there’s any unauthorized purchases.

6. Keep a copy of printed terms — You should print out a copy of terms and conditions, warranties, company information and the item description. You can use this as proof of purchase and evidence that you have purchased the product when unfortunate circumstances happen.

7. Assure the delivery process — You should be aware of the delivery process of your item. If your package is delivered at home and you’re not there, inform the seller right away to deliver the item in the place where you’re located. A better alternative would be a meet up.

8. Inspect your Item — As soon as you receive your item, check it carefully and if there are problems, immediately contact the seller and ask for a refund or repair.