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Split-second shopping in just a click


by Myka Basco

These days, instead of going to the malls or grocery stores, some prefer to look for products or services through internet web portals. It is actually a great way to escape the crowded, sweltering stores and jam packed parking lots especially during the holidays where shoppers go full throttle just to complete their shopping list.

Wouldn’t it be better to just sit in front of the computer or laptop and easily and effortlessly buy a certain product through the internet. Online shopping, indeed, makes it easy for us, especially those shopaholics, who need to look around, compare prices and shop instantly avoiding the rush and a whole lot of people.

How it started?

Technology received a major boost during the internet boom in 1999-2000. Banks were the first to utilize online transactions, making it safer and easier for their clients. Others followed suit, Intershop, online pizza shops by Pizza Hut, and many more. It didn’t take long for Jeff Bezos, founded his online bookstore known as Amazon.com, which in time expanded through other merchandizes and dominated the online market. Because of their success, other online shops began emerging, such as Yahoo.com and MSN.com

In 1994, Filipinos had experienced the internet for the first time when the Philippine Network Foundation (PHNet) connected the Philippines to a US telecommunication company through a 64kbit/s link. A year after, the Public Telecommunications Act of the Philippines became a law allowing organizations to set up connections to the internet.

Now, the Philippines have numerous online shops. In fact, it is much easier now for sites to be recognized because of the existence of social media. Social network sites such as Facebook allow sellers to operate through them. Sellers love the platform because of exposure to a larger market.

Undeniably, online shopping has established its reputation in terms of online transactions. If you want to get the latest products in fashion, gadgets, or any items, or get some valued deals, then go to the safe and trustworthy online shops.

Aside from exposure, cutting down operational expenses such as store rentals, being accessible to clients 24/7 also is its advantage. A convenience that malls can’t seem to give.

But nothing has without its disadvantages. Such includes the quality condition of the item, whether an item is brand new or had been already used. Also, buyers would have to wait several days before delivery. Of course, there are trust issues too. It is highly recommended to buy only on trusted online sites.