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Zodio: Know before you go

Founder Jai Govindani

With the daily expenses piling up, it’s wise to spend every hard-earned peso on necessities and luxuries that won’t have you feeling like you’ve been ripped off. It’s a good thing that technology has now allowed making informed decisions a lot easier.

Blogs and websites have made it possible to dine in a restaurant or subscribe to a spa treatment with the knowledge of what to expect and the consideration of real life experiences from people who have availed of such items and services before.

Access to all these reviews allows you to value and make the most out of your money by knowing where to place your bets on. And now, decision-making has been made even more convenient as platforms like Zodio give you all the information you can possibly need not just on restaurants and hotels, but even on shopping malls, spas and nightclubs.

“How many times have we been lost in our own city, struggling to find the closest bank or gas station?” asks Nina Comsti, Marketing Manager of Zodio Philippines.“That’s Zodio’sraison d’être – so that our users never have to feel lost again!”

Zodio goes on to review categories like pets and vets, outdoor recreation, transportation and even medical services. This is a quick way to find out which places your friends like (and assuming you have similar tastes, that you will like as well). It allows users to accurately locate places of personal interest, including ATMs and convenience stores and also their favorite places, from restaurants to hotels, shopping malls, spas, and nightclubs. And given that it has a database of over 600,000 locations.

It has your area covered, be it in Cebu, Davao, Tagaytay, Iloilo and Baguio.

Led by the app’s 27-year-old founder Jai Govindani, the team of talented developers at Zodio built this application as a tool to practically make life easier.

“We designed Zodio to appeal to a wide audience, whether they’re looking to see where their friends are hanging out, what’s hot in a new city, or even if they just need the closest ATM. When it comes to finding places, I think one of the strongest features is the ability to see your friends’ rating of places, and not just the overall rating.

Results are conveniently displayed on a map or list, and users can easily bookmark, get directions, as well as call these places – essentially bringing the user and the business together.” (Carl Rogel Inocentes)