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Discover and celebrate Filipino music, Radiorepublic.ph

by Carl Rogel Inocentes

Radiorepublic.ph is an online portal built specifically to support the Filipino artist. With a backbone of established employees that have been a part of the local music industry since the beginning of time, Radiorepublic.ph has tapped into the who’s who of established musicians and artists, and has since become the go-to website for new artists and bands to promote their material.

Barely a year and 3 months old, Radiorepublic.ph has already put together the most impressive line-up of guests, who have all been filmed and recorded at their in-house studio, doing exclusive performances of their songs, as well as intimate interviews — giving viewers a first-hand opportunity to learn more about their favorite artists.

Some of this online music portal’s features include breaking news on the current local scene; self-produced videos of exclusive performances; interviews of artists; as well as a large section of music discovery, where worldwide Filipino artists send in songs to be featured on the site’s Daily Track section. The site’s Staff Pick page also assists those visitors who are undecided on what to stream online by recommending songs deemed as great compositions.

Radiorepublic.ph’s stronghold on current events gives visitors regular updates on events happening all over the country and beyond, providing all the information you would need in order to attend these events.

Some of said events get filmed and featured in “Live Beat”, the site’s version of a post-event feature, only done from behind the scenes and with exclusive interviews with the event’s artists.

Radiorepublic.ph is a one stop website that allows you to discover new music while celebrating the music of established artists, and giving you an up-to-date feature on what’s happening in the local music scene. If you like OPM, Radiorepublic.ph is for you!