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Power-packed tablet experience with Intel-powered Polaroid Elixir 10


Following the successful distribution of its tablet line, Polaroid ups the ante further by debuting a 10-inch tablet that integrates the acclaimed Intel Atom Z2460 processor, the Polaroid Elixir 10.

Powerful Processor by a Globally Esteemed Chip Maker
Created by the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer, the 1.6Hz single core processor is designed to amp up speeds two times faster than its single core counterparts, thus lending a dual core-like performance. Coupled with a generous 1 GB RAM, this current innovation allows the Elixir 10 to render energy-efficient and lightning-fast processing – not to mention, improved graphic performance.

When tested against similar tablets, the Elixir 10 performed 50 percent faster in terms of Web page loading and delivered better visual experience. This can be attributed in part to its 10-inch touch-receptive, high-definition touchscreen panel with 1280 x 800 display resolution. Further, it packs a massive 6600mAh lithium ion battery, which allows users to enjoy the tablet longer while on the go. Mounting the 2-megapixel rear camera is a rubberized body that guarantees a steady, no-slide grip and eliminates the need for a protective cover.

Better Functionality for Students and Instructors
The Elixir 10 is bundled with the Intel Education Software (IER), a collection of over 100 McAfee-protected, useful educational applications developed by Intel exclusively for Intel and Elixir tablets. The IER was designed to better facilitate classroom learning and boost critical and creative thinking through diverse e-Learning tools.

Included in the collection are the Education Lab Camera which allows users to examine scientific experiments through a microscope, kinematics and other advanced tools; Art Rage, an intuitive program that lets users explore creativity through various visual effects such as sticker spray, watercolor, and ink pen; and e-Learning by Mythware, which allows instructors to access their Teacher’s PC and manage teaching aids, deliver lessons, monitor and assess students – even chat with them.

Polaroid’s Elixir 10 is WiFi-enabled, so users can still unlimited Internet access through accessible WiFi points. Whether it be out on the campus or in class, Web surfing on the Elixir 10 is a breeze.

Better Options, More Freedom
The Elixir 10 boasts more freedom in terms of user options. In addition to an external memory allowance of up to 32 GB, it also offers three options for internal storage capacity: 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Users can choose which best suits their needs and budget. Stored data and files can be easily transferred to another device via a USB port, or be projected onto a larger screen through an HDMI port. A 3.5 mm audio jack is available to accommodate speakers or earphones.

Such powerful features make the Elixir 10 highly efficient for Web surfing, heavy gaming and video streaming. With impressive aesthetics and a consumer-friendly price of P10,995 to boot, Polaroid’s Elixir 10 makes for a smart, well-rounded mobile device for tech aficionados.