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Affordable Filipino-made karaoke/home theater/hi-fi speakers

A-Audio Voca

by Anjo Perez

Singing is in every Filipino’s blood, that is why a karaoke or sing-along-systems can be found in most homes across the country. One problem with having these purpose-made sing-along systems is that they can only be used for one purpose, singing. No system has yet been introduced that can give-off great sounding voice and musicality and yet, can still be used for “home theater” systems and even hi-fi audio listening.

Well, that is now a thing of the past with the introduction of A-Audio’s Voca series speaker system which has been specifically made and designed for sing-along, home theater and hi-fi audio use.

A-Audio is the first all-Filipino made speaker system specifically designed for high-fidelity listening. With it’s success in the HiFi field, A-Audio designer and owner Anthony Leuterio designed the Voce speaker system to address the clamor of Filipino families to have an all-in-one, multi-purpose speaker system that can be used for singing, movie watching and audio listening.

The A-Audio Voca series is a three-piece satellite system that includes a pair of bookshelf speakers and a huge subwoofer box.

The bi-pole bookshelf speakers include two 5” drivers with carbon fiber materials and two “super twitter” horns each, that are focused on giving out the mid and high frequencies with HiFi quality—features which are not found in other karaoke speakers.

The Voca bookshelf speakers are also designed to give a 180 degree sound coverage providing the studio-like effect for better voice reproduction, reverberation and musicality. The dimensions of the satellite speakers are (HxWxD) 8” x 11.75” x 8.25”.

The bass module meanwhile is made of two drivers that are focused on producing low frequency signals. The speaker features sensitivity of 93DB and 300 Watts RMS/channel. It runs at 8 ohms with a frequency response between 25 Hz to 25KHz. Its dimensions are (HxWxD)15.5” x24” x16.”

One great feature of the Voca speaker series is the use of SpeakON connectors from bookshelves to the bass module to prevent shortage or reverse polarities during installation. It also has an automatic enhancer and a parallel notch filter to protect the speakers and lessen distortion coming from the amplifier.

The Voca speakers is not only great for karaoke use but also for public address, home theater, audio and mp3 applications.

According to Leuterio, the Voca Series will retail at P12,000, which is truly affordable for such a multi-use speaker system.

For more information on A-Audio speakers, you may visit his Facebook page at A-Audio Speakers or visit his showroom at 738 San Jose St., San Antonio Valley 1 in Paranaque City.