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Great features in small package

Qumi’s LED pocket projector

by Mikee Ocampo Falcis

Why would you choose to have a normal-sized projector if what you needed the most from it can be carried to a size of a pocket? You’ll probably go to less spacious one that offers a lot of features for it can be brought anywhere you want to go and can do anything you want.

Qumi’s LED pocket projectors don’t forget its commitment to versatility and function despite being packed in a small case. It gives you your expectations with typical projectors and more likely, exceeds it.

Qumi’s 90-inch (Qumi Q2 Lite, Qumi Q5) and 107-inch (Qumi Q7) pocket projectors give off a high definition 720p resolution, enabling you to project sharp HD images to watch movies and TV shows.

3D lovers, take note: Qumi knows what you love. It shares both data and content with active 3D glasses without a glitch via its DLP Link Technology. The projector sends 3D information to the glasses in between each video frame thus creating a 3D effect.

These LED pocket projectors have built-in web browsers that connect to a Wireless Access Point (WAP) with access to Internet making it the first “Smart-Projector”. This feature can be used through the WiFi Qumi Dongle which is sold separately. The WiFi Dongle also allows Qumi for wireless projections from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Even USB flash drives can be used to project presentations.

The Qumi Document Viewer comes with a remote (you can use the controls, too if you are not that lazy) to easily locate and view Powerpoint, Word, Excel and PDF documents from the USB thumb drives. Even audio files in MP3/WAV format can also be accessed as well as video files in MPEG-4, H.264, DivxTM, WMV formats.

Qumi is even dark-friendly, too. Its control buttons have a -toned illumination that can be seen well in the dark.

And because Qumi is designed to offer you the best features for a projector, its lamp life was made to an estimated time of 30,000 hours. It’s a no joke; you’ll perhaps be buying another Qumi projector before the lamp needs to be replaced.

Most of their pocket projectors come in black and white but their 90-inch Q5 offers blue, red or yellow finishes.