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Are we willing to take the risk?


While teenagers or young adults embrace technology for all of its advantages, they should be aware of its inherent risks as well.


1.Curtailed their intelligence growth
– Because of too much dependence in technology, it is possible that development of teen’s knowledge might be stunted. Most cannot spell correctly because of spell checkers, others forget to do basic fifth grade math because of calculators and some are indolent of doing their homework because they are too confident that they can get the answers instantly through Internet. Their interest in learning is put on the back burner and they are more focused on texting, chatting and other activities with technology.

2. Encounter Social conflict
– This is actually rampant nowadays. With the increasing number of teenagers and young adults who use social media, at one point they might be a victim of rape, cyber bullying, human trafficking and other serious cases. It can begin by simply chatting then sooner or later they will do meet ups; after which, we hope against hope that it doesn’t lead to social problem or worse a heinous crime.

3. Radiation Exposure
– Technology has a large impact not only with our daily habits but also with our health. Teens are always exposed to new technologies; meaning, they are much exposed to radiation that can cause them different kinds of disease like radiation syndrome, radiation toxicity, and radiation illness that could turn to the point of causing death.

4. Too much Attention
– Teenagers often post or share photos/videos of themselves through social network sites just to gain attention. But little did they know that they are oftentimes out of control and that they are almost flaunting all of their activities and personal information to the public. Most of them are not fully aware of the outcome or the consequences they might face like nasty, offensive, and esteem-damaging comments other people can make.

5. They become useless
– the youth are supposed to be the hope and future of every country. They are supposed to be engaging in worthwhile activities at home, in school and valuable organizations. But when technology steps in and start running their lives, valuable time spent turns to waste. They become more focused on texting, chatting and sharing their private entities. Most of them will just be wasting their time with things that are not useful and helpful. All they want to do is sit down and play video games, watch videos, chat, etc. instead of thinking of their future.

6. Modern Gadgeteers
– Teens and tweens nowadays are much, much competitive compared to teens before. Now, they mutually compete to have the latest gadgets in order to satisfy their desires and to be always up to date. No worries for a person who is capable of buying those expensive gadgets but for those who can’t, this will become a burden if they force themselves to acquire gadgets they can’t afford. One should learn to appreciate and be thankful for what they have.

7. Decreasing their Social skills
– The more they engage themselves to technology; the less developed their social skills are. We all know that social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are great instruments to impart information and develop relationships instantly; but we also need to go outside, get some fresh air, interact with “real” friends and loved ones face to face and live life to the fullest.

8. They became Impatient
– There is no “wait” time in the digital world. You type, click and there it is. Life does not come with a remote control and teens are adopting the fast-forward notion. They believe that in just one click, they could have what they want instantly. They think that the world will provide them instant pleasures. Excessive use of modern technology can slowly reshape their personality and cause them to become more impulsive, forgetful, and even more impatient.

9. Improper use of Technology
– Teens are too curious on what technology can actually do. Sometimes, being too curious could lead them beyond their limitations. Because of the improper use of technology particularly the internet, it is possible that teens might go to inappropriate websites or download inappropriate videos/photos.

10. Motivate them to Deceive
– Technology which helps make our lives easier can also help teens do evil. It can tempt young ones to outwit, trick or to cheat and one of the most popular cases is the use of technology during examinations.