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by Nickky Faustine De Guzman

It is almost impossible to have a Twitter or Instagram account and not follow a celebrity. Admit it or not, we are curious of their OOTDS, selfies, and the other tidbits from their glamorous lives. However, sharing (or accidentally leaking, yikes!) their lives behind the camera surely have its banes.

Amidst the scandals, controversies, and catfights that hound the showbiz industry, some artists prefer to save some privacy, one of them is actress Maja Salvador, who sure knows how to keep herself grounded.

“Social media is one huge way to connect with my fans and followers. It makes me connect to people who want to stay in tune with what I am doing. So whenever I am out, I make it a point to bring my phone, laptop and my tablet,” she says.

But the 24-year-old actress reminds herself to keep things in moderation.

“I used to share every detail of my life before. I must admit I was addicted to social media but now, I only choose what I share or post,” Salvador says.

Nowadays, she’d rather choose the “best moments” of her life as an actress or as a regular person and share it online. “It’s like a tease, so that people especially the fans will not lose excitement,” she says.

On the advantages of gadget and social media

Maja Salvador: In my line of work, gadgets are a necessity. I can immediately check e-mails, memorize scripts, and post updates on my Twitter and Instagram accounts. The cool apps and games also keep me from getting bored during breaks [in tapings or shootings].

On using social media as medium for change and awareness

MS: Social media is very useful in disseminating information and social awareness. Like the past typhoon and habagat a simple repost of the hotlines means a lot.

Maja also has reposted a message on the rejection of the pork barrel and alleged scams as seen on her Instagram account (@dprincessmaja88).

On #ThrowbackThursdays, selfies, and duckface

MS: I haven’t posted any Throwback posts yet but if ever I will post one, perhaps it will be my It Might Be You drama series back in 2003.

She also believes it is anyone’s discretion to post his or her selfie, duckface, or #GGSS (Gandang-Ganda Sa Sarili) post. As she admits she also does selfies and duckface—but with restraint.

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