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Sony Bravia 4K LED TV

by Myka Isabel D. Basco

fsl-55_fw_rww_lo_with_ill-600It is in television where we usually find few or maybe more of our guiltless pleasures. In television, we can capture the world and put it before our very eyes.

Sony has once again unveiled an innovative television technology that offers a better watching experience that would take viewers to new heights and explore better dimensions.

“Look at a 4K Bravia and it doesn’t feel like you’re watching TV. It feels like you’re watching the world,” Pepe Diokno, an accomplished filmmaker said as he described his experiences on the revolutionary 4K movement brought by Sony.

The 4K movement is four times more beautiful from any angle and has four times more detail than a full high definition (HD) viewing experience. This gives the best and highest picture quality at an incredible 8 million pixels. The two 4k LED televisions are 65-inch and 55-inch screen sizes under the Sony’s X Series with the power of restoring old movies into its original state. It is done through replication and reproduction of rich and delicate color tones that only the 4K Technology can accomplish.

To demonstrate the power of 4K Technology in digital restoration, Sony has contributed to the restoration of a short documentary video of “Lawrence of Arabia”. This 1962 film is a British-American epic adventure drama based on the life of a British World War I officer named T.E. Lawrence. He led the Bedouin tribesmen in guerilla assaults against the Turkish occupiers—which helped destroy the Ottoman Empire. The 4K digital restoration was made to celebrate the film’s 50th anniversary.

Adding up to the list of the Bravia 4K LED televisions’ feature is a 4K X-reality PRO processing engine which up scales 2K content to a near 4K native resolution. The engine also reduces virtual noises and corrects image shapes. Further, the TRILUMINOS Display LED backlighting is used to give off rich and authentic colors with subtle tones alongside replication of bold colors. It also has the latest Reality Creation database and Super Resolution for optimized images and a quality of picture with sharpness and richer colors.

For exceptional audio solution, the Bravia 4K uses Sony’s proprietary Magnetic Fluid Speaker Technology, bringing a higher-than-conventional-television sound pressure levels.

Sony never forgets the aesthetics of its products. It is sculpted from genuine metal and glass material, having the Sony’s “Sense of Quartz” design and created a distinctive silhouette that would complement any kind of home surrounding.

With the beauty both from outside and within, Bravia 4K will definitely be an elegant centerpiece of your home entertainment system.

Mr. Yasushi Asaoka, President and Managing Director of Sony Philippines is proud that Sony is the first to introduce 4K televisions to the Philippine market. “We want to be a part of your authentic viewing experience, with 4K’s promise of a sharper and clearer picture quality that makes images seemingly come to life”.