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Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear stunning sound, sensational style

Momentum On-Ear

Sennheiser has finally released its Momentum On-Ear headphones in the Philippines.

“The Sennheiser name has stood for top-quality and a legendary sound experience. We want people to hear all aspects of sound— and to feel it, too. We believe our products—from our headphones and microphones systems to conference and visitor guidance solutions—allow the world to do just that and more,” Ng Chee Soon, Sennheiser Electronics Asia President.

Earlier this year, the company launched the Momentum Brown and Black, which combines solid sound with a modern urban look.

“It is the vanguard of our Sennheiser Music & Entertainment portable headphones range and has consistently been a top seller in markets across the world. Momentum is one of our fastest-moving products and the success we enjoy is testament o our customers’ appreciation of superior form and function in audio technology,” Ng Chee Soon added.

But the night belonged to the newest kid on the block—the Momentum On-Ear, a smaller on-ear headphone that personifies the best in quality, sound and value.

“The new Momentum On-Ear embodies an urban style that’s focused on high performance and the finest materials – on style and substance. They are the perfect choice for those who demand top quality and want to express this through their own personal style,” mentioned by Martin Low, VP for Consumer Business Sennheiser Asia.

The On-Ears are lightweight and portable. The sound of these headphones is also clear and uncompromising, creating a sound experience in which even the tiniest details can be heard.

Equipped with high-end 18-ohm transducers, Momentum On-Ear guarantees full stereo sound with a slight bass emphasis in a frequency range from 16 to 22,000 Hz.

The release of four colors for the On-Ear headphones celebrates a fresh and expressive vibe.

“We engaged some international experts who determine color trends in fashion before we selected the colors of the new headphones. The pastel colors— blue, green, pink and ivory—are the trends for Fall/Winter 2013 and Spring/Summer 2014,” explains Carolyn Chia, Assistant Marketing Manager of Sennheiser Asia.

Chia also stressed that one stylish edge of the new Momentum On-Ears is the plush design infusion of Alcantara on the ear cups and headband.

Alcantara is a high-tech material produced in Italy. A material known for its comfort, durability and breathable finish, Alcantara is the ideal material for the On-Ears not only for a luxurious look, but also for the ultimate comfort even for long hours of listening. The ear cups are attached to highly mobile ball joints running in sliders, giving you nothing less of the perfect fit.

“They embody sound and style, and they definitely make a statement: one that is timeless; understated but striking at the same time,” said Donald Low, Products Marketing Manager of Sennheiser Asia.

Thanks to their closed, on-ear design, these headphones isolate the listener from external noise to ensure a great listening experience on the move – even in noisy urban environments.

Momentum On-Ear headphones also feature a single-sided detachable cable with convenient in-line remote and microphone for Apple iDevices, for easy control of music playback and to make and receive calls on the go.

“We believe that we have great prospects in the Philippines because it is a trendy market and we suit that market. Filipinos appreciate sound quality, and the Momentum On-Ears looks good on them. It is for the fashion-conscious young adults as well as those young at heart,” said Chia.

Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear is available in colours of blue, green, pink and ivory.

You can find all the latest information on Sennheiser by visiting www.sennheiser.com.