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Enterprises make the right call with Globe Business SIP Trunk

Enterprise customers are in constant quest of finding ideal alternatives and cost-effective voice solutions as they want to invest only for the capacity they currently require. They also plan to maximize the use of costly equipment, and in so doing, aim for faster rollout of their voice requirements.

With this in mind, Globe Business continues to expand its wireline voice portfolio and is providing more reasons for enterprises to fully use their existing Internet Protocol-Private branch exchange (IP-PBX) machines with its Session Initiation Protocol or SIP TRUNK service, bolstering the company’s robust line-up of best-of-breed communications solutions.

“The GLOBE BUSINESS SIP TRUNK is our newest voice solution which empowers enterprises with a flexible, scalable, efficient and cost-effective voice communication system, basically allowing enterprise customers to use their existing IP network in place of a conventional telephone trunk to communicate with fixed and mobile telephone subscribers worldwide,” explained Globe Business Head of Enterprise Product Management Cindy Salaya.

GLOBE BUSINESS SIP TRUNK, according to Salaya, is used in conjunction with an IP-PBX and sends data over a data network instead of over an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) circuit.

She said that “businesses with an existing IP-PBX will find GLOBE BUSINESS SIP TRUNK as a new and better system to address their growing communications demands. An alternative to an ISDN service, our SIP Trunk is highly-scalable as they only pay for the capacity needed and for succeeding increments due to its flexible provisioning feature compared to digital circuits. It is also faster to deploy and maintains business-quality voice which can be expected from a regular telephone line.”

Salaya added that enterprises will appreciate the cost-effectiveness of a GLOBE BUSINESS SIP TRUNK subscription as it is able to reduce internal domestic call costs and minimize long distance call charges: “Being a Globelines service, subscribers of GLOBE BUSINESS SIP TRUNK will appreciate its cost-effectiveness as they can contact other Globelines numbers anywhere in the Philippines for free.”

The GLOBE BUSINESS SIP TRUNK service initially accommodates voice applications only but will set its users up for other value added IP-based services in the future such as video conferencing, call control, speech recognition and data sharing with non-real time communication services such as unified messaging that includes integrated voice mail, e-mail, instant messaging and fax, among many others. This will be made possible as the bandwidth allocated to a SIP Trunk is freed up for these less-intensive applications, which is its other advantage versus more traditional technologies like analog and digital circuits.

“We are aware that business enterprises need a robust communication system that can communicate with fixed and mobile telephone users worldwide. Thus we continue to create innovative and convenient solutions for enterprises and companies to access our products and services that fit well to their needs. GLOBE BUSINESS SIP TRUNK brings them yet again to the forefront of new technologies, and we encourage them to tap its potential to help them remain competitive, be more efficient and heighten their operational efficiencies,” Globe Business Head of Enterprise Group Nikko Acosta claimed.

The Globe Business Head of Enterprise Group confirmed that their customers from Metro Manila are already experiencing the convenience and ease of Globe Business SIP Trunk service. The company has also recently made the service available nationwide.