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Loc8tor Pet

Loc8tor Pet

by Jonathan Kevin Castillo

We do let our pets wander off and get wild every now and then. But sometimes they come back way too late. Finding them sitting in front of your doorstep in the morning thinking they’ve been there all along only to find out they’ve just been there just a few minutes before you. With habits such as these, pet owners can’t help but worry.

What Loc8tor Pet has that others don’t, is portability – for the pet at least. The device is very small and very light. Attached to its collar, pets wouldn’t even know it’s there. It comes with a card-sized handset, which notifies you about your pet. The tag however, isn’t waterproof. So if your pet decides to take a dip or dance under the rain, you can bet that tag will short circuit. Under wet circumstances, splash proof covers would surely come in handy. Good thing these covers are included when you purchase the device.

The great thing about the tag and the handset is that you don’t need Wi-Fi. In fact, you don’t need a smartphone or a tablet. The tag and the handset is all you need and you’re all set up to keep track of the comings and goings of your pets.

The process of locating your best friend is quite simple. If your pet has gone out for an adventure and hasn’t returend for quite some time you can start locating them through the tags attached to their collar. Just take the handset with you. As you get closer to your pet, the device will beep. The device also has an LED light signal that glows from red, to yellow, and green to determine how close you are from your pet. A green light indicator means the tag is just within reach, so stay sharp.

Of course, the problem here is that you would have to go out yourself and look for your pet and that could be anywhere. The Loc8tor Pet has a range of up to four hundred meters, which is quite a lot of ground to cover if you’re going to search them yourself. At best luxury, it can alert if your pet has returned when you’re just relaxing at home and the signal from the handset returns to green.