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Tagg Pet Tracker

Tagg Pet Tracker

by Jonathan Kevin Castillo

Over a decade ago, there was this family who adopted a quasi-bred dog. He never growled or barked and always wagged his tail. But over the months that passed, that dog got loose from an opened gate and disappeared. He reappeared days later, thinner, scarred, and fierce. Back in those days, it was pretty normal to capture a stray dog, butcher it, and serve it for dinner or pulutan during drinking sessions. It’s quite obvious the family’s dog had fought in order to survive and the end was his transformation into a warrior. Sure, he looked pretty cool, but the damage to him would drive any pet lover insane.

This is where the Tagg Pet Tracker comes into play. It is a device that you can attach to your pet’s collar. Tagg recommends this for pets that are ten or more pounds, but that’s just their suggestion as it perfectly works for all sorts of pets.

As its name suggests, Tagg is a GPS to track pets. It is simply that along with some sophisticated but really cool features. Once your pet leaves the designated zone, which is adjustable up to a thousand years, the device will commence on giving you a heads up on what they’re up to. You can receive notifications through SMS, email, or both. You can also add other contacts that can receive notifications. A back-up just in case you don’t get notifications. You can even share it to the entire household. It can send exact details like where the pet has been, so you’ll know what they’ve been doing all day. It will also let you know how much activity your pet is having, if he’s running around or doing whatever he does when you are not around. A perfect device to find out your pet’s secret life.

It sends notifications if battery is running low or when it’s on full charge. So, be sure to check the battery every other day or so to make sure you have enough juice to keep a look out.

Setting up the device may take some time although everything is done online. Usual information such as the name, email, three security passwords etc. are needed including credit card details – meaning there is a monthly fee, and it doesn’t come in cheap.

The only thing that could probably be a turn off would be its promptness. Notifications aren’t that immediate. It takes a couple of minutes to receive a notification if the pet has left the home zone. It also takes some time to track down your pet, three or so minutes perhaps.

If you keep your pet within sight, Tagg may not be an option. But if you let them out on their own for a quick stretch or some of their own “me time”, then this device may be an option for you to check out.