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Wireless pet feeding

Wireless pet feeding

by Myka Isabel D. Basco

Overfeeding, like humans, is not advisable to our pets. Healthy eating, like humans, means moderation on everything.

And now, we have the luxury of fitness and diet specialists to monitor the intake of food of our pets, PintoFeed.

PintoFeed is a pet feeder that helps you manage your pet’s nutritional needs, combining the convenience of mobility and remote connectivity. Before, we can only imagine a device that can feed your pets even you’re without them. Now, we have a device designed to deliver healthy feeding to your pets.

Pintofeed is the world’s first intelligent pet feeder, which program itself around your life and the wellness of your pet. It is suitable for a person who has busy lifestyle but is an avid pet lover.

Forget about the days when you worry whether your pet has been fed well and on time. You can now do both from anywhere using PintoFeed from your smartphone.

To use this device, first, you just need to connect to the wireless network in your home then download and open the Pintofeed App available in App Store and activate the feeder from anywhere. It also comes with Automated schedules that acquires your pet’s typical feeding times and will automatically create a schedule to dispense the food. In terms of the feeding process, you just need to tap the “Feed” button then it’ll immediately sends you a notification or message via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS informing you that your pet has been fed.

It also has a Monitoring feeding that allows you to compare your pet’s food intake to the national average. You can manage up to 50 Pintofeeds using the same account if ever you have more than one pet at home. You can also give access to others with the same Pintofeeds but make sure that your fur ball has been fed on time.

It has a 5-and10 pound food repository to keep their food fresh and for storing meals. It has variable food sizes wherein food-dispensing mechanism allows a half-cup portion so that you keep track of exactly how much your pet is consuming to prevent overeating. Also, you don’t need to worry if the device might shut down because it has dual power sources like 4D batteries and an A/C wall adapter, which provides maximum performance.