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When looking good works better

Sony Vaio Fit 15

Sony laptops are quite the head turners. They’re hot, sexy, and stylish, and there’s a new player in the red carpet, the Sony VAIO Fit 15.

Just to be clear on one point. The Fit is a laptop, not an ultrabook. It has a CD drive, which is a big deal for some people. This is a device that you’ll want to be sitting around in a certain spot, and only be moved when needed and not necessarily for a travel buddy. But it’s still very light to be carried here and there when needed.

The Fit 15 has an outstanding specs sheet, featuring a 1.8GHz Intel i5 processor with Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000, 8GB DDR3 RAM, and 750GB Hybrid HDD.

Putting those aside, the laptop’s design is sharp, sexy, and drop dead gorgeous. The metal finish is very alluring with premium look and feel. The VAIO logo itself is so beautiful to look at.

The left side sports the power cable, two USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, HDMI port, microphone and speakers, SD memory card slot, and a lock that keeps your notebook in place safely. Sony has been implementing their Exmor R technology in a lot of their devices, and they’ve placed one here in the Fit, which is said to improve low-light cam images. Just to clarify, Exmor R are sensors Sony use in their digital cameras, which is quite a sweet deal.

There is a large, reliable trackpad that responds to Windows 8 gestures with ease, swipe the trackpad from right to left and expect to see the charms pop right off the screen. Though, I’ve barely used the trackpad and relied heavily on the touchscreen features. And I’m glad to say its responsiveness and accuracy are remarkable. Just make sure to wipe the screen once in a while, it’s not fingerprint proof and after accumulating a large amount of prints, the screen began to act up. But after a good cleaning, it’s as good as new.

When I’ve watched movies and TV shows here, my eyes burned with the brilliant 1920×1080 resolution touchscreen, and honestly, any other screen after this was quite disappointing. The hinge has a little bumper, so when the screen has been pulled all the way up, it pushes the entire notebook upwards that give a better viewing and typing angle.

It’s NFC enabled, so you can simply tap another NFC enabled device into the Fit to wirelessly transfer files. It’s quite a shame the notebook didn’t ship in with the latest Haswell Intel chip, else it could’ve run on several hours on battery. As it turned out, the Fit has a decent battery life.

The Fit 15 can handle itself pretty well in gaming. I’ve installed several games here like Diablo III and StarCraft II and both games worked smoothly on recommended settings. And I’m pretty confident that it can work with other games as well.

So is this laptop a buy or a nay? The bright screen, the backlit keyboard, and the great specs, make it a sure-buy for us. But don’t settle on that, head over to a Sony VAIO store and get a feel for yourself.

We’re quite confident you’ll like this.