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App-tly fit and healthy

Keeping fit and staying healthy is one of today’s major lifestyle trends. The best part is, you don’t necessarily need to spend a bomb to maintain this lifestyle.

A range of Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps will keep you fit and healthy in fun and engaging ways. With apps like Daily Workouts, you can follow a set of recorded exercises led by certified personal trainers for free. You can even count on Heart Rate and Weight & BMI Tracker to keep your health in check anywhere and anytime. If you are a chronic insomniac, try the Relax Melodies app and customize a melody that will help you relax, unwind, and drift into a good night rest.

Go ahead and start trying out some healthy recipes, workouts, and interactive games that will keep you and your family healthy and in great shape!

  • Daily Workouts – A fitness app on Windows 8 and Windows Phone will be your very own personal trainer wherever you are. The app contains a series of 5 to 10 minute daily workout routines for both men and women, as well as features such as video and timer to guide users through each routine.
  • Allrecipes – A food and dining app that helps us break the habit of eating greasy fast foods and start preparing your own home-cooked meals! Find your favorite recipes for ingredients you have on hand with the Allrecipes app. This app contains a collection of tried recipes, and allows users to narrow down their selection of recipes according to dietary preferences.
  • Relax Melodies – A health app that lets users personalize and custom mix melodies from a selection of 41 sounds for relaxation and sleep assistance. Get the most personalized relaxation experience with just a few taps to create the melody that resonates perfectly with each individual. With ambient and binaural selections, users can choose whether to simply relax or tell the brain that it’s time for sleep.
  • MyFitnessPal – A diet app that helps you lose weight. It is the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counter with the largest food database comprising more than 3,000,000 foods. This app is highly personalized and allows users to create their own custom food, track nutrients, and goals. If you need some motivation, add friends to start dieting with them, and support each other’s progress! This app fully syncs with the web, so users can log from their computer or their phone. Plus, the data is backed up online.
  • Heart Rate – Get into the habit of measuring your heart beat regularly with the Heart Rate app on Windows Phone 8. By pressing the tip of your index finger on the camera, you can have your heart rate taken anywhere and anytime. Each reading can be saved along with a short note to keep track of when and where the readings were taken.
  • Weight & BMI Tracker – Track your weight and BMI with this easy to use app by Dr. Albert Smolyar MD. This app tracks users’ BMI all year round through charts and trends and provides useful tips and advice that will help keep users in shape!

List of other apps include Workouts Scheduler, Gym PocketGuide, iFood.tv Recipe Videos, Gym Guide and BallStrike.