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Discover digital arts

Digital Arts

Manila, Philippines – In this day and age, the digital artist rules. Cool career opportunities abound for individuals with penchants for graphic design, digital illustration, or web and interactive design.

What exactly is digital arts? It is any form of design or artwork that has gone through a graphic application software and a computer. A digital arts course may cover Graphic Design, Graphic Illustration, Interactive Design, Motion Graphics, Animation, Web Design and Freehand drawing.

Graduates of digital arts courses eventually find work in the television and film industry, educational institutions or Internet-based companies, as well as in design studios or as part of the advertising departments of large firms. Or Animation companies such as PIXAR, Disney and many others. They can also become full-time digital artists or entrepreneurs who run their own agencies. Others find lucrative work as freelance artists.

We interviewed a school with digital arts education in the country to know what they had to say about some questions frequently asked by people thinking of taking up a digital arts course.

Q: What is the right age to learn Digital Arts?

A: An individual between the ages of 7 to 60 years old can be trained to become a digital artist. The levels of learning may vary, but if the student is passionate and does not fear technology, then he/she can become a digital artist. Much like other creative pursuits, it’s also for children of all ages.

Q: How is the technology pace for digital arts ?

A: Digital art applications are in constant change and become better and more interesting every year. We’ve seen the shift in print media to digital media. People also spend much more time on the internet. More and more people are downloading apps onto their smartphones.

Q: What is the future of Digital Arts?

A: Technology is changing at a fast pace. Look at how many people are using social media to connect and influence. Companies are becoming more and more concerned about their online presence and image; and they will inevitably need people to work on their websites, online campaigns and promotions.

Q: What are the possible career paths for a digital artist?

A: The career path of a digital artist is a colorful one. Gone are the days when one would say there is no money in the arts. Nowadays, you can earn big time by being a digital artist. One can start as a junior designer, then senior designer, a director, and in some cases, producer.

A digital artist constantly updates himself/herself in software and hardware technologies; and is always on the lookout for ways to improve his/her skills. A graphic designer may eventually become an interactive designer and then progress to becoming a web designer. Similarly, a 3D artist may become a 3D lead artist or a Producer. (To be continued)