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New LG G2 wows ’em all


by Myka Isabel D. Basco

Manila, Philippines – It seems that LG is far behind when it comes to smartphones. But when the G2 was launched, many of us were impressed by its specs sheet and overall performance. We can say easily say that this is one of the best devices in the market.

The LG G2 is 5.2-inch True HD-IPS + LCD 1980×1080 resolution capacitive touchscreen, made with Corning Gorilla Glass 2. It features Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, quad core 2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM, with a tight 16- 32GB internal memory, 2.1- and 13MB front and rear camera with autofocus and LED flash.

The device is a whiff of fresh air with an ultra narrow bezel, widening the view of the screen. It has an easy grip with premium designs. The screen is very bright while colors have crisp saturation, and responsiveness is top notched, fluid and smooth.

One of the significant changes that set the G2 apart from the rest is the power/lock button. Unlike others that had been located either in the side or in the top, the G2’s buttons along with the volume up and down are located at the back cover, just beneath the camera lens. That may seem a little odd spot to put the button, but trust us, LG thought it through and made the right call as the button placement is very comfortable and very easy to use.

The G2 doesn’t fall short on connectivity as it sports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, infrared port, and 4G LTE.

The G2 boasts a number of other features, which they call as UX, meaning user experience. These include: Answer Me, Plug & Pop, QuickRemote, Slide Aside, and Guest Mode. Answer Me is a feature that answers a call when you place it on your ear. Plug & Pop offers several options when connected with an earphone or USB. Example, after plugging an earphone, Youtube, Music Player and other music-related apps appear. QuickRemote lets the G2 become a universal remote that can operate several devices. Slide Aside simply lets you multi-task. The Guest Mode feature adds security to your device when lending them to someone else.

We like this device very much and recommend it to anyone looking for something quite different and cool.