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Taking care of your wallet and health

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Carrier XPower 2
by Mikee Ocampo Falcis

Carrier comes into the game with their newest offering, the Carrier XPower 2 Inverter high wall. These devices zero in on its promise of intelligent cooling, savings and a filtration system that provides clean, pure air that homes and small offices can enjoy.

Smart Features in a click of a button
After a fuss-free installation of the XPower 2, we excitedly gave the inverter a spin. It came with a handy remote control that quickly lets us access the XPower 2’s Smart Features.

One Smart Feature that we looked out for was the XPower 2’s Daily Timer. It allowed us to take control of the exact time for the air conditioner to turn on and off. For instance, we programmed the XPower 2 to turn on at 9 AM and scheduled it to shut down at 5 PM. This feature worked on schedule and is a convenient addition, especially when we have to go out in a hurry.

Apart from the Daily Timer, the XPower 2 features the Eco Sleep Timer, a programmable automatic stop operation and fan control; and an Auto Diagnosis feature, a system that notify the user on problem areas so that user can schedule immediate unit inspection.

With the array of Smart Features that the XPower 2 utilizes, we think it’s a great addition that these features can be accessed with the remote control.

Economical cooling
Now that we’ve tackled the user-friendly interface of the Carrier XPower 2, let’s talk about economical cooling. As a company that understands rising energy bills, Carrier is promising an aircon that is less costly to run compared to other inverters in the market.

So just how much does it cost to run the Carrier XPower 2? We compared it to other leading Japanese or Korean counterparts and we found out that the XPower 2 inverter provides 53% more energy savings– costing less than P5.00 to run per hour!

With these savings, we calculated that the Carrier XPower 2 literally pays itself back in as little as two years. This feature will be very useful, to say the least, for homeowners who don’t want to spend a fortune on their electricity bill, while the unit being paid back is a much welcome bonus.