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The oh so lovely Señorita Jessy

by Nickky Faustine De Guzman

Jessy MendiolaShe shakes her fries teasingly. Her angelic face and fit body meanwhile have landed her magazine and newspaper covers. And just last night, we saw her wearing her signature seductive red lips and dress while showcasing her dancing and acting prowess as the country’s Maria Mercedes. Jessy Mendiola certainly need not long introductions. The sultry Señorita is everywhere!

Her Twitter profile (@JessyMendiola) seems to sum up her growing stardom: “If God takes something away from you, it means he’s emptying your hands to give you something better.” Perhaps she’s pertaining to her past romantic relationships as her losses but let’s leave them at that. What’s seemingly more important is Jessy has definitely loads on her plate. She has a lot to offer.

Aside from the glitz and glamour of the industry where she has been constantly spotlighted, we find out what makes her tick.

Simply Jessy
On free time (if she has), Jessy says she likes checking her Instagram account (@senorita_j), posting photos and commenting on them, “reading online stuff”, and sweating out. Discipline and time management keeps her on her toes.

“If ever I have time, I work out. I make sure I sweat. I like physical activities. I also like reading and staying on the internet, surfing stuff, looking at pictures, spending hours and hours scrolling up and down on Instagram. So I guess it’s all about time management and discipline. And you know you have to have a lot of patience for you to be able to manage your time and your busy schedule,” she says.

Señorita JessyThe other side of Jessy

Jessy is just like any other simple and modern girls. Like the rest of her contemporaries, she still finds time to connect to the world amid her busy schedule.

Last Friday, Jessy had another photo shoot as the newest poster girl of Skyworth tablets, which is very apt as she professes she’s into gadgets and social media. “Yes I am gaga over gadgets!” the part Pinay, Lebanese, and British beauty confesses.

“Social media is very important to me because I don’t get to watch TV anymore. I am always working and traveling so whenever I need to know something new or I need to know the news it’s very beneficial for me,” she says.

Jessy adds that “whenever I type something up on social media or whenever I scroll my timeline, I see a lot of news there and new stuff like the chismis (gossips). You know it’s very entertaining to see all the thoughts and opinions of the people there so yeah it’s very important to me.”

Jessy and her tablet
Jessy is the newest face of Skyworth, which introduces its new line of Sky Pad tablets including the S7, S71, S8, and S8-3G. The tablets have 7 or 8-inch display design and run by the latest Android (Jelly Bean) operating system, Bluetooth 2.1 (with EDR support), Wi-Fi, and GPS for wireless connectivity. .