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Pacquiao dominant


Manny PacquiaoManila, Philippines – As Brandon Rios waylays his sparring partners in Oxnard, California, Manny Pacquiao is silently doing the same thing in General Santos City, the Filipino fighter’s Canadian adviser said yesterday.

“Everything is going well and Manny’s been dominant in his sparring sessions,” said Mike Koncz, noting that while Irish Liam Vaughan, Ghanian Fredrick Lawson and Filipino Dan Nazareno have been providing quality work, they have never come close to ruffling Pacquiao’s feathers.

With less than six weeks to go before they get it on in Macau on Nov. 24, Pacquiao and Rios have been making lots of heads turn, making their scheduled 12-rounder a fistic treat among fight aficionados.

Koncz said that Pacquiao, who will be almost 35 years old by the time he meets Rios at the CotaiArena, hasn’t even gone full throttle.

“We still have six weeks and he’s pacing himself because the coming weeks will be very tough.”

Pacquiao is aiming to score a resounding victory against Rios, a 27-year-old Mexican-American who has got a chin made from granite and a pair of fists that can bring down thick walls.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao is going to hold an open workout with media entities from Macau and Hong Kong flying in for the event.

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum is also arriving to preside over the media event on Oct. 24 in General Santos City.

Team Pacquiao is tentatively set to leave for Macau on Nov. 18.

  • CarloRay

    the media always expose the training of Pacquiao.

  • mob

    your always d best fighter ever live in earth…go for gold manny… lets kick ariza ask!

  • mob

    prove to ariza and robert that they are wrong…. still you have the power to knockout any body ….KO for us FILIPINO….!!!!

  • rey_andulana@yahoo.com

    mr. freddie make pacquiao a hell of a fighter turn pacquiao like a wrecking bull.and make pacquiao the best shape of his life ever., before the fight night,. and make rios look like an average fighter .

  • rey_andulana@yahoo.com

    mr. freddie work for the best of pacquiaos counter punch and increase pacquiaos power and speed punch inorder to knock rios out. rios is vulnerable to counter punch with power., make him like a punching bag,. i expect the best pacquiao ever on fight night,……….and filipinos will celebrate for pacquiao victory and filipinos will be proud again,…………….

  • henry ignacio

    To Coach Roach work out to strenghten the power of pacquiao’s right hand,the counter right hook, right straight. that;s the key to victory over orthodox fighters. remember nonito’s counter left hook which was very lethal to darichnyan, montiel etc. work for more defense to avoid another marquezpeds lucky punch