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Fear Factor

Spooksfest has gone digital so get into the Halloween aftershock with these great heart-pumping apps!

Whether you’re gearing up for a post-Halloween party or simply getting into the spooky spirit and trying to scare friends (or yourself), you can trust your smartphone to take care of all the tricks and treats this season.

It’s not shocking that a favorite season like this has paved the way for people to enjoy technology within their fingertips with the use of apps. From games where you escape hordes of zombies or those that allow you to generate your own gruesome selfies, here are some Halloween apps to download to get you spooking and scaring the crowd!

Walking Dead Yourself (iOS and Android)
What’s scarier than a whole album of selfies on your News Feed? Probably nothing. But this app generates something that comes pretty close.

Get into the Halloween spirit and upload your latest zombie photo! You can take your own photo, use an old one from your gallery, or even “bite a friend” by using a friend’s photo from Facebook and turn them into zombies. With over 40 high resolution zombie features (eyes, mouths, props, and filters) to choose from, both fans of the TV series and all things ghoulish will love their living dead portraits and maybe even scare a few faint-hearted Facebook friends.

Into the Dead! (iOS and Android)
If it’s passing time and getting your heart racing at the same time that you want, you can’t go wrong with Into the Dead. Yes, it’s another zombie apocalypse gaming app. Granted, there are a lot of zombie games available but this one sets itself apart with the use of the first person perspective plus quality sound and graphics all for free!

Just wait till you blow a monsters head off. What great Halloween fun!

Zombies, Run! (iOS and Android)
Here’s a spooky treat for all you fitness buffs! The Zombies, Run! app takes the imaginary and the mythical as it lets you integrate your daily jogs with Zombie apocalypse missions. The app works anywhere and at any speed, whether jogging at the park or running on treadmills. For serious runners, zombie chases force you to speed up to escape the hordes!

Zombies, Run! gives a pretty thrilling twist to the regular workout. Not only do you get to watch yourself run from zombies, but it logs your speed and distance (including calories burned and zombies evaded) online for you to check out once you hurry back home.

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