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Smart and irresistible Samsung smartwatch offering

Smart has announced the availability of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the revolutionary companion device for the Galaxy Note 3, for as low as P13,500 with the Unlimited LTE Data Plan 2000.

Galaxy GearThe Unlimited LTE Data Plan 2000 also offers the Galaxy Note 3 for free under a 30-month contract. Under this contract, an additional monthly cash-out of P450 is necessary to avail of the Galaxy Gear.

Dubbed by tech enthusiasts as the ‘smartwatch,’ the Galaxy Gear is a wearable android device that may receive notifications, alerts and messages streamed from the Galaxy Note 3 via Bluetooth.

“As the first telco to offer the Galaxy Note 3 in our affordable All-In Plan of 1800, we are delighted to include its breakthrough companion gadget, the Galaxy Gear, in our offerings of highly functional devices,” Smart Postpaid Marketing Head Kathy Carag.

The Galaxy Gear is also available for only P799 per month on top of the Smart All-In Plan 1800 for the Galaxy Note 3, under a 24-month contract.

Launched in Berlin in early September, the Galaxy Gear is Samsung’s first foray in the wearable android device segment, offering a more hands-free mobile experience for consumers.

Sporting a sleek metallic face and comfortable rubber straps, the device’s 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display allows users to access text messages, e-mails, news and other information from the Galaxy Note 3.

The Galaxy Gear’s simple interface allows users to swoop from one app to the next by swiping around it. It also features a microphone and a loudspeaker so users can make calls and dictate commands or messages using the S Voice.

With a 1.9 MP BSI camera along its strap, the new device may capture vivid photos and videos easily. Sensors are also built into the unit so users may make or receive a call with a simple hand gesture toward the ear.

Galaxy Gear’s 800MHz processor and 512MB RAM power most of its built-in features while its 4GB internal storage is enough to keep media files until they are synced to the Galaxy Note 3 storage.

Suitable for every lifestyle, the Galaxy Gear is available in six colors: Jet Black, Mocha Gray, Wild Orange, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold, and Lime Green. Both the Mocha Gray and Wild Orange variants of the device are available in Smart stores.