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Innovating lifestyle

iPod Nano in water

by Jonathan Kevin Castillo

Technology seems to have a world of its own. It continues to evolve every now and then. It’s not always about bringing in something new; but also about spicing up the things we already have. It is like mixing coke and whiskey to add new flavors and just like a good drink, there will always be someone out there from big companies to garage labs who would try to come up with something that will get the public’s interest. So, here are some nifty gadgets currently being developed for man’s continuous search for something better or even greater just to improve one’s lifestyle.

Swimming is a fantastic exercise where one can relax, build strength and just simply enjoy. Admittedly, this activity could just be more enjoyable whenever music is tuned in. Too bad water and most electronic gadgets don’t really go well together. Luckily, with the technology that we have today, this could be possible with the Underwater Audio iPod and the Neptune Underwater MP3. Both are practically the same, as they both play music and are waterproof. The only difference would have to be your personal preference in style and use. The Underwater Audio iPod are iPod shuffles filled with waterproof sealant. There is no need for an external waterproof casing or cover. It can be used for lap swimming or just lounging in the pool. Although the product is not commissioned by Apple, rest assured they are authentic iPods. The Neptune, on the other hand, is mostly used by athletes or competitive swimmers. It is a device about the size of a matchbox that is attached to the back strap of the swimmer’s goggles. With these devices, you can prepare your own swimming playlist or soundtrack and take a dip with it. I guess the only thing that will shock you and your swimming buddies will be the fact that you’re listening to music even while underwater.

Bike robberies in the US are quite uncommon; but here in Philippines we get a couple of cases every now and then. This is where bike alarms would definitely come in handy, specifically the Bike+ from Wi-MM. The device (BPU-100) is a motion detector alarm system and a computer that would sound as soon as someone tries to tamper with the bike. It comes with an app so that when someone tries to steal it, the device will send a message to the owner. If the device is not removed, it will continue to broadcast its whereabouts. It may not stop the thievery itself, but at least your bike can be tracked down. Also, the device monitors the ride and can notify loved ones just in case emergencies happen. Bike + is also a computer. It can provide real time ride information accessible to both the user’s smartphone or a web browser.

The company behind BlueFit believes that even if we drink water eight times a day, that is not enough. Their claim is that there are certain times that we need to drink water even without feeling the thirst. Missing these times (that we need to drink) we lose hydration without actually knowing it; thus, bringing down our capacity to act and think. The BluFit smart water bottle might just be the perfect bottle to prevent this. This glass, silicon-protected water bottle has a smart cap or lid. The bottle is LED equipped and syncs with a personalized app for Android and iOS devices. The app contains the owner’s age, weight and environment details for it to give recommendations for hydration. It measures how much water you drink each day and it informs the user if he/she needs to drink more to stay hydrated.

These days aren’t what they used to be and no matter how we look at it, the world is much more dangerous than before. Because of this painful truth, when it comes to our kids’ safety, we can never be too sure and FiLip is something to look forward to. Consider FiLip as an electronic leash for your active child. It definitely looks better than an actual leash. It is a smartwatch and a wearable locator for your child. Perfect whenever you having to bring kids to crowded places like theme parks and malls. Anxious parents won’t need to bring an actual leash just to keep their kids within arm’s length. FiLip also acts as a digital wristwatch that comes in colorful varieties to match the kids’ hip factor. Most importantly, parents will be able to monitor their kids and see how they’re fairing and if they’ve gone off beyond the normal bounds.