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PLDT introduces upgraded Cyberya

PLDT KaAsenso boosts Cyberya Package with upgraded features. The integrated internet package for minigosyos now comes in a wired variant with speeds of up to 2 Mbps and two PC unit options: a gaming unit and a surfing unit. The Cyberya Package is composed of a computer set enclosed in a box equipped with a timer and a coin slot where users can surf the internet for as low as P1

Telecommunications leader PLDT is boosting up its innovative internet minigosyo solution with upgraded features.

Cyberya, the integrated internet package targeted at minigosyantes which provides Internet access for as low as P1, now comes in a new bundle powered by PLDT HOME’s wired broadband. The new Cyberya package features wired internet capable of speeds of up to 2 Mbps, and is now available with two PC unit options: a gaming unit and a surfing unit.

The gaming unit comes with a more powerful Intel Processor and 1GB graphics card, a bigger 4GB memory, and a larger 18.5-inch screen. The software and hardware upgrades will allow Cyberya operators to install more games without sacrificing computer performance so end users can enjoy enhanced and lag-free gaming.

The new wired broadband version of the Cyberya package is priced at P1,300 per month. Initial investment for interested minigosyantes includes payment for the chosen unit (P18,599 for the surfing unit, P23,799 for the gaming unit) and initial fees for modem and installation.

“When we first launched Cyberya, our main goal was to empower our local entrepreneurs and encourage Filipinos to cultivate that entrepreneurial spirit,” PLDT KaAsenso product manager Jonathan De Quiroz said. “Barely a year into the program, we’ve received such positive and inspiring feedback that we’ve decided to boost it up with more ways for new and existing operators to earn more.”

Cyberya subscriber Cecille Medico attests to Cyberya’s viability as a minigosyo solution, “I estimated it would take more than eight months to get back the amount I invested in my Cyberya units but after only five months, I’m near to earning back my investment. The income was more than I expected. I’m now planning to start a food business using my earnings from Cyberya.”

The earlier launched Cyberya surfing package is composed of a computer set enclosed in a box equipped with a timer and a coin slot which can be strategically placed in a store where customers who are waiting in line to make a purchase can go online for a few pesos.

De Quiroz noted that Cyberya operators can now benefit from PLDT KaAsenso’s “compelling extended 24-month warranty and preferential after-sales support such as hotline and carry-in repair service that will make it sustainable for entrepreneurs,” backed by PLDT’s “strong and reliable [DSL] connection.”

PLDT KaAsenso is the minigosyo enabler arm of the telecommunications giant. Its main thrust is to empower Filipino minigosyantes with tools and programs that help build sustainable and profitable minigosyos.

“With the new Cyberya Package, we really hope to help more families augment their income and in the long run, empower more Filipinos to build their own path to earn more and be successful.”

For more details on the new Cyberya Package, call 171, log on to www.pldthome.com/cyberya or visit the nearest PLDT Sales and Service Center.

  • Dasutein (だすていん)

    It bothers me when PLDT still offers 1-2 Mbps to this day. Seriously, If PLDT does have a “great” Network with all these “Powerful” sea cables, why haven’t they gave us 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and so on for cheap? Oh that’s right, PLDT is the most greedy companies in Philippines. They buy all these Telecoms and do NOTHING to improve their Network. 2 Mbps is NOTHING.