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Grand Theft Auto V, ’nuff said

Grand Theft Auto V

by Jose Gamaliel Felongco

Grand Theft Auto happened. Again. After achieving several world records in mere weeks, Grand Theft Auto V stands as one of the ground-breaking games in history. The game is epic, gameplay, storytelling, and immersion. We can even say that it created a standard in which other developers would have a hard time hurdling.

GTA V shies away from tradition by featuring three playable characters. Set in Los Santos, San Andreas, the game allows the player to navigate through the bustling city and explore the untamed wilderness. The gist of the story is how three men make it big through carefully planned heists. As this is a GTA game, most of the time, things go bad, with the protagonists finding themselves at the wrong places with the wrong people. The misadventure part provides a hefty jar of laughs but the references they make in pop culture is hard to ignore.

GTA V ups the gameplay ante by improving and adding more features and things to do. The open-world gameplay just got bigger. Aside from the gun-fights and car chases, GTA offers more by allowing the player to do tasks on the side. The player may engage in the game’s ever fluctuating stock market, play golf, do yoga, and rob convenience stores and armored trucks. Missions are dished out as the story progresses, together with the occasional side missions. Chance encounters that provide missions can be triggered by the player by simply exploring Los Santos.

Detail is one of the main points of GTA V. Dialogues are wonderfully giving players an experience unusual in video games. One can wonder about the weight and size of the script employed. Simply walking across sidewalks gives players an opportunity to eavesdrop on funny small talk and other informative tidbits. Grand Theft Auto V can be one of the top contenders for the game of the year awards. In a nutshell, GTA V is very immersive, entertaining complimented by its length. A game definitely worth every penny spent.