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A full HD experience and more with Grand Videoke

by Myka Isabel D. Basco

ANNE CurtisIf you love to sing your heart out and bring out the Gaga in you, then the Grand Videoke is definitely for you. The Grand Videoke is a sing-song powerhouse of fun and entertainment. Singing and dancing has always been a part of Filipino culture and this could just be your chance to take the spotlight and make way for a full-throttle experience.

The new Grand Videoke is developed by a leading developer and producer of high-end portable Videoke devices, TJ Media, who likewise caters to the Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Thai, and Vietnamese market. Recently, they’ve launched their new and powerful Grand Videoke device to address the need of increasingly sophisticated Videoke end-users.

To make the singing experience more exciting, here are the features and functions of Grand Videoke that will surely benefit the demanding taste of Videoke enthusiasts.

To support its distribution and marketing efforts, Realsound Corporation, an authorized and exclusive distributor of WOW Videoke Premium products here in the Philippines has engaged the country’s “Anne-bisyosa” and People Asia’s National Sweetheart, Anne Curtis-Smith as the Grand Videoke ambassador and endorser.

According to the President of Realsound Corporation, Mr. Cris Llamo, Anne was chosen because she is an inspiration and a perfect example of how perseverance, strong will and courage can help make dreams come true. “Against all odds, she succeeded,” he added.

Grand Videoke was driven by a dream to give Filipinos the best videoke experience–high quality sound, a song library to satisfy any age range and music interest and video quality to match the HD TV technology of today.

To make the singing experience more exciting for your family and guests, the compilation includes real sound songs, songs with chorus, MTV, multi-plex, and songs in high-grade MIDI format.

Wide Repertoire of 5,157 bulit-in songs
The Grand Videoke carries a whole spectrum of 5,157 built-in songs, from the latest hits, party favorites, OPMs, duets, 90s and 80s revivals plus K-POP songs. Songs are re-mastered in order to provide the best sound quality.

HD sound and video
It is the first videoke system to be powered by the Dream SAM 3308 independent sound module. This is the one responsible for its exceptional HD sound. SAS France, one of the biggest sound chip companies in the world, developed this revolutionary sound technology for portable videoke microphones. With the Dream SAM 3308, you get clear, live music audio quality. When it comes to its video, backgrounds are crisp and razor sharp. It has over 4 hours of built in video backgrounds inclusive of world tours, Wow Philippines, anime dances, and K-POP music videos.

Sing with live instruments &back-ups
Unlike other videoke systems where you sing alone, the Grand Videoke lets you experience performing with live instruments and back-up vocals. All the songs here have been re-mastered and re-engineered to make them as close to its originals.

Dual Microphones with Built-in Equalizer
With its unique capability, even a shy singer would be able to belt out a song confidently and effortlessly. This videoke comes with two (2) microphones with a unique feature…a built-in equalizer that allows you to customize or manipulate the audio (low, mid, high, or its bass, treble, echo, etc.).

Multi-media player and recorder too
Aside from its videoke function, Grand Videoke is a multi-media player as well. Users can watch movies, play music or view photo slides. Its song recording function allows you to record up to 500 minutes or 125 songs. It supports USB and SD card so you can playback your recorded song or movie and music downloads.

A sophisticated and elegant body design
To complement its top-notch features, the Grand Videoke’s total look was designed with elegance and sophistication in mind. Its sleek, black piano finish was produced using a steam injection technology. The same technology used for Samsung TV sets and other high-end devices. If you look closely, its end is shaped like a clarinet. This was done to make it more ergonomic.