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LG washers pioneer 6 Motion DD system

LG front load washer

Superior washing just like hand wash

In a season in which washing machines are most needed, global technology innovator LG Electronics once again stands out with its line-up of front- and top-load washers that boast of the exclusive 6 Motion Direct Drive system.

6 Motion DD guarantees superior washing performance in every load of laundry that is thrown into the machine. On top of the drum’s usual tumbling motion, this groundbreaking technology allows additional motions such as stepping, to prevent tangles in the fabric; filtration, to remove any excess detergent; rolling, to increase the washer’s power; scrubbing, for more thorough and even cleansing; and swing, for more gentle and delicate handling. 6 Motion DD enables different motions according to the fabric, making the process as complete and efficient as hand washing.

With all six motions integrated into one machine, one can be assured of optimum washing benefits. Energy and costs are not compromised as LG’s core Inverter Direct Drive technology highly reduces noise levels and breakdowns.

LG’s washing machines tie together the convenience of automatic mechanical washing and the precision that goes into careful hand washing. With all these benefits added by having the biggest-load capacity in the market and a 10-year motor warranty, this power line-up are sure to improve any laundry activity, in any weather condition.

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  • Cerwayne Yamzon

    Smart. The 6 motions sounds impressive :)

  • Vernon

    Nice product, sounds very efficient.

  • sean

    dami tlga new innovative ng LG, kya LG aku eh, Life is Good.

  • Jutch Oh

    “Six motions integrated into one machine”

    Most efficient washer! :)