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Pacquiao stays cool

by Nick Giongco

Macau — Looking cool, calm and collected, Manny Pacquiao held an impromptu Q&A with members of the press who came from all parts of the globe as he was getting ready for training on Tuesday morning.

In the months and weeks leading to his comeback fight this Sunday, Pacquiao simply kept his emotions to himself, hardly showing signs that Brandon Rios’ trash talk has started to get under his skin.

In his latest chat with the media, Pacquiao remained in control of his temper and not even Rios’ latest remarks about his desire to send him into retirement would ruffle his feathers.

“It’s easy to say those things,” said a stoic-looking Pacquiao.

The hard part is, according to Pacquiao, is the execution.

As the last interviewer got what he wanted, Pacquiao got up and climbed the ring where trainer Freddie Roach was.

Then master and student went to work.

As if on cue, Pacquiao and Roach got into the zone.

Soon, the sound of leather slamming against leather — the occasional grunts — filled the air.

The atmosphere inside the makeshift gym located in the bowels of The Venetian suddenly became electric as those in attendance appeared convinced that Pacquiao is going to have his way against the rugged Californian when they finally get it on at the CotaiArena.

A few times, Pacquiao would lean over to Roach and utter something as they were doing the mitts, confident that the HBO audio would not pick up.

As to what exactly it was Pacquiao and Roach kept under wraps but actions spoke loudly as they went on with the padwork.

It was noticeable that Pacquiao unloaded lots of body blows during the mitts routine with Roach, knowing that Rios has a chin cast from anvil.

While there was a noticeable increase in body shots, Pacquiao also pounced on the head area, unleashing his trademark hybrid left upper-hook, left straights and what he labeled as the “power jab.”

It was obvious Pacquiao doesn’t have plans of going the distance.

There is even talk swirling around that Pacquiao might even fly back to the Philippines in the evening, a few hours after he meets Rios.

You can’t blame Pacquiao. He’s simply had enough of Rios’ rants.

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    Roach had been disgraced by the Team Rios in that scuffle in the Cotai gym.Rios had been ranting to retire Pacquiao.Ariza disrespected Roach.There was a disaster in that typhoon Yolanda that affected Pacquiao’s people.
    I think this Filipino boxer is really super motivated now to win this fight on Saturday.I would say he is on a mission for “search and destroy”.I feel sorry for Rios.He might get a beat down.This fight could be replicas of Barrera,De La Hoya and Cotto redos.
    Rios is exhibiting a lot of arrogance.Pacquiao will deliver a masterful punishment Saturday.

  • wjo

    come fight night yeah its gonna be hell exciting!!!!!…a lot of stuff are @ stake now redemption,best warrior,toughest man…etc…and now respect/revenge for both fighters trainer hahahahaha….amazing ryt.can’t wait for this to unfold on sunday….

  • Frank Delgado

    I should have my barbecue and beer ready on the table coz nobody would go the bathroom when the bell of round1 starts.