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Phonesuit Flex brings you truly pocketable power

Phonesuit Flex

Phonesuit Flex Pocket Charger is the first truly pocketable charger in the market today. It’s a portable power source that keeps your Apple or Android Smartphone always charged up and available. Keep your phone always on!

With a single look, one can see that Phonesuit Flex was elegantly designed. It’s enclosed in a layer of polished metal, and is made to be as compact as possible. Phonesuit Flex is designed to be compact enough that you can fit it in the small pocket of your jeans. In an increasingly mobile lifestyle, you want to be able to bring your power with you wherever you go, without needing to bring a small bag just to fit it in.

Aside from the being one of the most portable power source in the market, the Phonesuit Flex distinguishes itself from its competitors by using the most advanced technology. It has “Quick Charge Technology” which allows it to power your phone from zero to 100% in under two hours only.

And a fingerprint sensitive indicator on its side shows how much is left of its 2600 mAh power capacity.

Phonesuit Flex comes in two designs – one for the iPhone 5, and another for most Android Smartphones in the market. It comes in three stylish colors for women – red, blue, and silver – so you can match it to your style and taste.

Phonesuit Flex is now available for the Apple unit, and for the Android Smartphone unit. You can check it out at Mobile 1, Switch, A.Shop, Gadgets in Style, Vertex, ava.ph, and pormada.com.

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