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Love the thrill of the rush…Christmas rush

Mandaue Foam

Bambooware by Melawares
Bambooware is a new line of organic, 100% bio-degradeable yet stylish, chic and affordable modern tablewares. They are made from bamboo fibers and other organic compounds that are eco-friendly and safe for everyday use. This line comes in vibrant hues and matte finish design that is truly pleasing and eye-catching. A great gift option for family and friends who are going green.

Samsung NaviBot
This is one home help that you can rely on with just a push of a button. This nifty vacuum cleaner comes in four modes. With a remote, you can choose to have full control of your reliable home help bot or you can just completely put faith on the bot and let it handle the chore by itself. You can also choose from “Spot” mode where only a specific 1.5 x 1.5m area will be cleaned or go clean til you drop mode where the trustee bot vacuums until it runs out of batteries. You can schedule too a specific time of the dat when this handy bot will start cleaning. Pretty cool don’t you think? A great gift for homeowners who has too little or no time at all to clean their abode.

Mandaue Foam
For long time homeowners who are planning to upgrade certain furniture pieces or for newly-weds who are just about to invest in good quality furniture, this holiday season could probably be the best time to do so. Numerous furniture stores offer sale items or promos in keeping with the season of gift giving, one of which is Cebu’s favorite furniture maker, Mandaue Foam. Offering a 24-month, 0% installment promo, looking for the right furniture at the right prize is no longer a trivia. The promo is ongoing until November 30, 2013.