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Globe Business advances local healthcare delivery with HealthCloud

Globe HealthCloud to enable real-time, secure and easy access to health information

Globe Business formally announced its foray into the local health informatics via the Globe HealthCloud, an end-to-end web-based solution seen to revolutionize healthcare delivery in the Philippines.

According to company officials during the Digital Life Congress and Expo where the new ICT-health application from Globe Business was officially launched. Globe HealthCloud will enable real-time, secure and convenient access to health information within the healthcare ecosystem, enhancing collaboration within the healthcare community, effectively increasing operational efficiencies and overall improving the quality of care for Filipino patients.

“Globe HealthCloud harnesses the convergence of healthcare and information and communications technology. We envision it to be the catalyst of the growing acceptance of the two sectors toward health informatics — the synergy of the two aforementioned disciplines,” according to Globe Vice President for IT-Enabled Services Product Group Francisco “Cocoy” Claravall.

“We are all aware of the numerous pain points in carrying out healthcare processes, especially for the patients.”

“During a simple consultation, starting from paperwork at the level of the health maintenance organization (HMO) until the dispensing of doctors’ prescriptions and all the required approvals in between, the methods could be time-consuming and tedious for the sick individual, to say the least.

“With the advent of Globe HealthCloud, we hope to address these inconveniences and streamline the procedures to greatly benefit patients,” he explained.

While Globe HealthCloud will positively impact the welfare of patient care, it also increases work efficiencies on the side of the doctors and HMOs with regard to scheduling, approving, record keeping and facilitating claims, among many others.

At its very core are basic elements such as a healthcare providers’ directory with listing of healthcare providers across the Philippines; online appointment booking from patients to doctors; electronic messaging among patients, doctors and HMOs via chat or e-mail; and patient health record containing a collection of healthcare recipients’ information.

The automated cloud-based solution has three components with specific features:

HealthCloud-Patient assures those seeking healthcare with immediate proper treatment and a more personalized level of care as it organizes and stores personal health records, enabling sharing of information to healthcare providers.

HealthCloud-MD increases clinical efficiencies for physicians to empower them with better patient care as it replaces paper-based processing with digital representations of medical files, clinical documentations, programmed schedules and appointments, prescribed medications including compliance monitors, and clinic supplies records which can be accessed remotely.

It increases a doctor’s network as it allows referrals from peers.

Completing the Globe HealthCloud triad is HealthCloud-HMO, which expedites health maintenance organization processes, from online appointment scheduling to claims handling.

It also automates communications and transactions between them as well as patients, doctors, clinics, hospitals and other stakeholders, paving the way for superior customer service with smoother, faster methods driven by technology.