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Link to a better home

D-Link Cloud Camera

by Mikee Ocampo Falcis

If you’ve ever had the insane feel to set up cameras at your home, and hope to catch some supernatural happenings, well, that is your business, and we can’t blame you for trying. The idea itself is quirky but fascinating. We have dared it recently and while at it, we’ve tested out one of D-Link’s Cloud Camera.

What we liked about this device is its simplistic and lightweight design. It takes a bit of carpentry if you want to set it up without the mount stand. You’ll need a couple of screws so you can attach it on the ceiling or in walls. Its design is very minimalist, it’s invisible while perched on top of your gate at night.

It has 640×480 video resolution. It’s not HD, but we can record good videos with that resolution without obscuring details. Also, a higher resolution count could mean larger data requirement, and we can only have so much.

The cloud services add a terrific boost, because it lets monitor your home using your smart device. But you’ll need to get the mydlink Lite/Plus app. It helps out great. If you set up the camera to watch your front door and watch all the no-happenings in your bedroom. It also sports fifteen feet night vision, so even if it’s dark, you won’t miss a thing. If you’re wondering what business opportunities this device can achieve, one of them could be for apartment or boarding house security, to make sure no one is up something, and can monitor the tenants’ comings and goings. There motion and audio detect features. Both of which will send a stamped email to you, this means, you an email containing a screenshot image and it’s time, which may be helpful sometime. You can also set the motion detect to certain degrees, so if a dog or a cat or some minor thing passed by the camera, it won’t send you a stamped email.

If you go to the Advance Settings, instead of an email, D-Link will send you a video clip, which is just as handy.

The audio detect works in the same way and you can even set up decibels, which basically means you can set how far the device will be audio sensitive. And yes, you can hear from what’s on the outside, but you can’t send audio from your end to the camera.

It says straight out of the box that this device requires zero configuration. Of course, only if you have had a previous D-Link device, then you wouldn’t have to worry about configurations.

Another interesting and groovy feature is the Wi-Fi extender, which boosts Wi-Fi signal around your area. If you have multiple devices, then you can expect one super-powered signal everywhere. But keep them under a moderate distance or risk slower network speeds.

To wrap this all up, if you’re looking for an affordable device to keep watch of your home while you’re away, then this may capture your attention. It’s simple and pretty cool. The Wi-Fi extender is pretty snappy too, and helps a lot by providing network access to the lower-signal areas. If you’re interested in this, go check ‘em out.