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Wave Ball: New, latest in pool technology

The Wave Ball in action (utmost middle in blue) at popular Bosay Resort in Antipolo City

The WAVE BALL is the newest and most exciting pool technology to come out recently, and is the most energy efficient and intelligent wave machine in the world that can simulate one hundred percent (100%) non-stop ocean waves and create different patterns of waves. It is also used by the Special Forces around the world even by the US Air Force for specific survival trainings, reproducing the open sea conditions in a tank. This amazing equipment has been introduced in the Philippines by Crystal Blue almost 3 years ago and their resort clients are very satisfied due to the almost ninety-nine percent (99%) low power consumption compared to other traditional and common wave machines which are power hungry. The Wave Ball has an average consumption of 2kW.

“Imagine your pool with this kind of equipment. Imagine the awed and amazed looks on the faces of both kids and adults when they try this awesome experience and the great fun and amusement this will bring to your customers and guests,” said Richard Carino, President of Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc., a leading one-stop-shop for swimming pool needs.

“That’s why it’s a very wise decision for swimming pool and resort owners to invest in professional pool managers and the latest pool technology such as the WAVE BALL which amps up the whole entertainment experience and fun factor for customers,” Carino added.

CRYSTAL BLUE ENTERPRISES, INC., is a second generation of Pool Specialists while the parents of Cariño has been in the business of swimming pool construction and swimming pool care since the late 1970’s.

Aside from professional pool care services and the Wave Ball, the company also offers other unique pool technologies such as the ROBOTIC POOL CLEANER (a device from Australia that vacuums and brushes your pool for only P2 per hour and with three years warranty), Automated Seawater Pool Technology (a technology that doesn’t require drums of chlorine to maintain a crystal blue pool water) and POWERJET – a non-stop swimming machine among others.

“When you hire us, we’ll guarantee that your swimming pool will be in tiptop condition and the lifespan will be longer by offering a customized, high quality preventive and maintenance package,” Carino explained. He also said that maintaining a swimming pool under the care of professional experts is better in the long run because the owner can save tenfold in maintenance costs and future repairs. “Prolonging the lifespan of a pool is equals to great savings in terms of cost of ownership,” Carino explained.

Crystal Blue Enterprises office is located in White Plains, Quezon City, e-mail youpoolwecare@gmail.com for more details.