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LINE users in PH join global fanfare

LINE stickers

If you haven’t experienced LINE yet, you won’t believe how much you are missing.

LINE’s loyal users will tell you this much, as the colorful and quirky messaging platform is fast becoming a global phenomenon with over 300 million users—and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Since its launch in June 2011, LINE has grown at a faster rate than Facebook or Twitter, establishing a presence in 230 countries, and reaching the top spot in the free apps category of app stores in 60 nations. LINE is poised to surpass the grand milestone of 500 million users by the end of next year. That is half a billion of the world’s population speaking the language of LINE’s massive sticker collection, and LINE will achieve this in less than three years.

“It is truly amazing,” describes Greg Kim, Senior Manager of LINE Plus Corporation. “To think that when it was launched, our only market was Japan. LINE’s dynamic services can be downloaded all over the world—countless language barriers have been broken through LINE.”

“With many apps vying to become the Philippines’ foremost mobile messaging application, LINE separates itself from the competition by providing expressive sticker messages, convenient voice and video call functions, exciting games and social-media features, as well as genuinely localized services and promotions.”

LINE quickly earned the distinction of being the top mobile messaging app the country.

“Filipinos are very expressive,” says Kim. “And our vibrant collection of stickers is in synergy with their bubbly personalities. Instead of forwarding plain texts, Filipino users prefer sending their friends and loved ones stickers that create and foster emotional connections.”

LINE comes with a diverse array of vivid stickers that cover the full spectrum of human emotion—from happiness to sadness and excitement to boredom. Its one-of-a-kind collection is meant to enhance the mobile communication experience

“We have received great response from users worldwide,” narrates Kim. “A father once told me that LINE stickers let him express himself better to his son. And, he said this helped them establish a healthier relationship. These are the type of stories we want to bring to the Philippines.”

LINE continues to unveil features and services—including video calling, Snap Movie, and LINE games—that open the imagination of tech savvy Filipinos to new and exciting avenues for communication and mobile recreation.

“Localization is the key to unlocking deeper and more meaningful engagements with LINE users in the Philippines,” explains Kim. “In line with this, we have developed exclusive, tailor-made content for our users here.”

LINE’s first commercial in the country starred Siwon—lead singer of Super Junior, the wildly popular Korean boy band. The ad spot resonated among Filipino audiences, and its momentum was followed by the mobile messaging app’s second television campaign, this time featuring trendy local endorsers Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Guidicelli.

LINE on-screen, established local enterprises became its partners off it. The cross-platform app has arranged collaborative marketing campaigns with SMART Communications, Bench, Jollibee, MCA Music, and MegaWorld.

“In cooperation with our local partners, we have launched service packages, promos, concerts, and mall tours to enrich the mobile messaging experience of our Philippine consumers.”

LINE stickers

LINE stickers

Plus, the app’s endorsers and partner brands have setup LINE Official Accounts. Subscribing to them via LINE grants users exclusive access to news, updates, and special offers.

To support victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, LINE released a special-edition set of stickers that deliver messages of hope and sympathy.

“People use LINE stickers to convey digital gestures to one another,” says Kim. “This time, we will use them to express our sentiments for Filipinos affected by the recent Super Typhoon that hit the country. We are genuinely inspired by their resilience, and we want to tell them that we are here to help.”

Proceeds from the stickers, which are now available worldwide, will be donated to relief programs and rebuilding efforts in typhoon-battered cities around the Philippines.