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Toys for the big boys

Ferrari F12

by Jonathan Kevin Castillo

American Graffiti was a successful coming of age movie released in the ‘70s. It was a huge hit that touched the hearts of everyone creating certain nostalgia when they were growing up. Part of growing up is the brutal ordeal of making decisions, and often those situations are tough, harsh, and life changing. Many of us grew up and started choosing how to roll. Often, those choices would involve leaving behind the toys that we grew up with. Well, we say forget that, soup-up your toys and take them to the next level.

Ferrari F12
Who doesn’t like fast cars? And many people know that the Ferrari brand is one of the top sports car that knows how to deliver the goods. Some men even treat their cars like women… better than a woman actually, bordering to obsession. This smoking hot machine has aerodynamics as seen from a Formula One racer. With that alone, we are guaranteed to some serious muscle to break those sound barriers.

ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle)
All-Terrain-Vehicles are fun to ride; but they are actually used for utilities, such as in farms because of their speed and efficiency. Besides that, ATVs are pretty rad enough to be customized and used for races with souped-up gears to compete in a wide array of terrains: motocross, woods racing, desert racing, hill climbing, ice racing, drag racing, and what others can think of. The vehicle may not be allowed in certain areas of the city or provinces, but within certain subdivisions or small towns, it is a pretty nifty vehicle to get around with.

Harley-Davidson Sportster ‘72
Harley-Davidson is one of the best motorcycle brands out there. They’ve always pushed the limits of the choppers and continue to blend awesome performance and fantastic style. The Sportster ’72 is one of those blast from the past designs that sports attitude and power. This is one of those choppers you’d want to ride alone or with friends and cruise along the NLEX, SLEX, Skyway, or wherever the road takes you.

This is something we see a lot on TVs, to the point it is often used as a joke in some shows. Truth be told, it looks pretty geeky, but appears to be efficient. If you need to go to the nearby store, take your Robostep. If you need to visit your friend just around the corner, take your Robostep out there, not minding what others think of you. In fact, a Robostep is pretty dandy in places like Ayala Avenue, when trying to get to point A to point B with as little effort as possible.

It is a portable electric motorcycle and honestly, it felt like something you would see in a Southpark episode. How portable is it? Well, it is pretty small. It folds and could fit in some backpacks, so you can pretty much take it with you virtually anywhere. It looks like a futuristic version of those classic high-wheeled bicycles in the late 1800s, called penny farthings (hilarious, we know).

Smart Rifle
Gun enthusiasts, better be prepared with a weapon that can actually measure the distance of the target, wind direction and speed. It has WiFi and displays it all in heads-up display that makes the entire viewing into the scope look like a video game. Yes, it makes sniping look like a video game. For gun enthusiasts, they can load up hours of fun and practice in shooting stuff. Some shops in the US would even sell this with a bundled iPad Mini with a pre-installed TrackingPoint App.

RC Plane/Choppers
Flying remote controlled planes and choppers are actually fun, especially for those who want to get a good feel on how to actually pilot one. It is a nice sporting hobby too, or time to spend with some family, or do a little soul searching on your own. It can be quite relaxing and exciting to too when you feel like taking off some steam.

Yachts are overrated. Blokarts are way cooler. It is basically a mini-boat with wheels that you can steer left or right as if you’re really sailing the seas. It is so cool that it gained enough popularity to become a sport. Countries like New Zealand, Japan, Australia, and several more, hold Blokart races gathering a large number of followers and enthusiasts.

Power Tools
If there is one thing that Tim Allen’s Home Improvement TV series thought us, it would be that not all big boys’ toys are all about fast cars and cool remote controlled vehicles. It can also be household tools used for carpentry, wood crafting, and so on. These tools aren’t just necessities; they’re precious treasures for some.