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All-in-one entertainment system for you and your family

SMART Entertainment System

by Myka Isabel D. Basco

Tech trends are important. For one, it’s what’s hot, and while people are going gaga over what’s the coolest thing to date, experts are huddled in the corner bouncing ideas back and forth, thinking what could be the next best thing. Well, it doesn’t always have to be a big brand new thing. It could also be something simple that makes something old groovy and new again.

There is a cool little box called the Wand that turns your regular TV into a SmartTV; a new device that takes integration one step further. The Wand multimedia entertainment system is the world’s first multi entertainment system that converts a normal television set into a smart television.

The device is simply plugged into the RCA or HDMI sockets of the television set, instantly converting a normal television into an Internet ready smart device. One of its main features is to connect to the Internet whether via WiFi or wire, allowing web browsing and social media at the comfort of your own television set without actually needing to buy a Smart TV.

The Wand Entertainment System is compatible with Android and comes pre-loaded with apps, creating a more incredible Internet experience for the whole family. More android apps may be downloaded. The revolutionary media player is capable of playing FULL HD media for a rich viewing experience.

Other features include a photo viewer, a music player with an automatic DJ mixer, picture in picture mode and recording of live feed. A microphone with karaoke function also comes with the device, with over 1,000 songs in MP3 format. In addition, a highlight of the karaoke function allows you to expand the library of songs by downloading from any website and cataloguing the songs in a number listing.

The wand smart multi-entertainment system also allows the user to access, delete, copy and organize files on your USB, SD or external hardware.